7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima: Another year, another heatwave, summer is already in Lima. It is hard to beat the heat in the office (unless you are fortunate enough to have to air-condition). While it is obviously great to be out on a walking tour, you need to keep a few things in mind so you can keep cool and enjoy the experience. Whether that is running slightly shorter tours or taking more breaks in the shade, running tours at earlier/ later times of the day or showing you were to fill your water bottle up, we will do everything we can to keep you cool in the summer heat in the city of the Kings: Lima, Peru!

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima
7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima

We made a list for always keeping it cool and fresh during your summertime vacation in Peru, take a glance below:

1. Find some shade – or make your own!

Plenty of our tours take scenic routes through some of Lima´s loveliest parks such as Miraflores, as well as giving you lots of gorgeous architecture in the historical centre of Lima. However, what happens when you leave the leaves behind? Why not take sun protection to the next level? Sun cream and peak caps are valued accessories for many travellers in hotter climes, but if you can find the space in your bag, an Aussie bush hat or a Sombrero might make you the hit of the tour! An umbrella can also do the trick, but of course, please try not to block the view (or poke the eye!) of your fellow walker.

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, drink water wear hats
Wear Hats

Don’t forget sunscreen, it is very important in summer, it will protect your skin from sunburn, no doubt sunscreen is very important

2. Hit the beach, no matter where you are!

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a city with a beach like Lima(mainly Miraflores, Barraco and Chorrillos. However, why should we city slickers have to suffer?

Hit the beach, no matter where you are

Take a taxi to Miraflores or Barranco beaches in Lima or you can even ride all the way to the south to “Playas de Asia” and if you are looking for touristic beaches make your way all the way to the north of Peru, visit Mancora, the best beaches in Peru!

3. Get those breathable fabrics on:

Not all shorts and t-shirts are created, equal folks! Ditch the polyester and dark colours – natural fabrics like cotton in white, cream, beige etcetera will help to keep you cool on your Peruvian adventure.   

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, wear propperly

Keep these tips in mind so that the sun does not set your Peruvian travel dreams in flames! In addition, if in doubt, be sure to ask your tour guide for advice; they will be very happy to tell you their local tips for beating the heat this summer.

Better clothes with light colours, as black absorbs more heat, and buy comfortable clothes for the summer, as you will sweat a lot.   

4. Top up with the right fluids: 

Simple, easy, indisputable advice, when you feel the burn, you are also losing water. Sooner than you know, you will start feeling dizzy, lightheaded and tired out so try to keep that liquid intake up. We are firmly team water during this heatwave. Say no to fizzy drinks and diuretics (e.g. coffee, tea and alcohol, things that make you go to the loo more) before and during a tour.

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, drink water
Top up with the right fluids

Always carry a bottle of water with you, drink plenty of water in the summer, as with the heat we lose a lot of fluid from our body, don´t worry if you lost to bring water for your walking tour, in the city centre of Lima there are many mobile carts, the local ladies keep the bottles of water covered with plenty of Ice.

5. The joy of Gelato: 

Ice cream in summer is essential, and we are not just making that up; it’s scientifically proven that eating ice cream makes you happier. In Lima centre there are many “Heladerias”, prices are very much affordable in between 3 to 7 soles. Try some local fruit flavoured ice cream such as Lucuma or Camu Camu!

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, local gelato icream from lima
The Joy of Gelato

One of the indispensable things in summer is ice cream. Undoubtedly, besides delicious, it hydrates our body, and everyone loves the ice cream in the summer!

During the change of guard of Lima, tour guides normally give 10 to 15 minutes break so that you can buy water, fruits or even ice cream!

6. Bring some fruit while walking:

Nature provides a series of different foods in each season of the year, and summer is no exception. For the hot months like December or January, you can find many seasonal fruits, which are fresh and usually rich in water. Eating fruits are recommended during the summer season(especially if you are taking a walking tour), which naturally help the body stay hydrated in addition to being a source of vitamins for disease prevention.

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, eat fruit
Bring some fruit while walking

You can always find some fruits as you walk in the city centre of Lima with our tour guide from the free walking tour lima!

7. Take Magic Water – Coconut

An investigation of the KPC Medical College and Hospital in India, mentions that this drink is very nutritious because it contains active compounds such as amino acids, phytohormones, minerals and vitamins, way better than water itself!

7 Cool Ways to beat the heat while travelling in Lima, take some coconut juice
Take Magic Water – Coconut