7 Reasons You Should Discover a City with a Free Tour in Peru

7-reasons-you-shoulddiscover a city with a free tour in peru
7 reasons you should discover a city with a free tour in Peru

Travelling is not always expensive, you find many ways to save up money and even take care of the environment, learn with us the 7 reasons you should discover a city with a free tour in Peru, check them below!

1. It’s free!

This is the main reason and the most obvious too! Free means, no up-front cost at all but tip basis only! When you go for travelling, you will need to pay the cost of transportation, food, and lodging, entrance fee for attractions and most likely even souvenirs; therefore travelling in most cases can be an expensive experience. With our FREE Walking Tour, you can unveil the history of three cities in Peru: Free Tour Cusco, Free Tour Lima and Free Tour Arequipa, at the tour your guide can provide you with all sorts of tips and hints on how to keep costs down throughout your stay apart from history. At the tour-ending place, you can tip some money! How much to tip in a free walking tour in Peru?

Note for Peruvians: At the moment the free tours are only for non-Peruvian tourists; However, you can our pre-paid-tours.


2. Inside info from local guides!

See the city through the eyes of a local. The super-skilled tour leaders we work with will provide you with information on everything from the city’s history to its best restaurants, attractions and even the best things to do. Our Free Tour will not only help you to orientate yourself in a new city but allows you to enjoy an authentic experience that cannot be found in most traditional and paid tours!


3. Meet other travellers!

We are running walks since 2014 in 3 cities, we luckily have customers from all over the world who can meet and explore the city together, learn the local idiosyncrasy from our tour guides and share the best tips from other travellers, you can even meet like-minded travellers and forge friendships that will serve to enrich your stay in the city. Most walks end in nice places where you can decide to stay and have some food or drinks if you like!


4. It’s eco-friendly!

Taking a free tour is one of the best ways to save money and the environment while travelling, with growing concerns surrounding climate change; eco-friendly travel is the way forward!

In most of our walks, we won´t take buses or boats, instead we will stroll the city on foot, additionally, our meeting points are always accessible and central, making it easy for guests to find it on foot as well.


5. Unbeatable performances!

Our tips-only structure means that guides work extra hard to impress guests, providing them with an unforgettable experience based mainly on history, we are conscious that our local tour guides don´t have English as the first language but they can always mean clearly to our guests! They are always keen to ensure that guests will be on the receiving end of a charismatic and engaging tour, with a unique perspective of a city’s culture and history. In other words, we connect great guides with smart travellers.


6. We the Pioneers in Peru!

We are professionals in the tourism sector because we have studied  the careers and had many experiences in different outlets in this sector; back in 2010 we were exploring Europe and North America where we had the pleasure to join many walking tour companies, like the famous Sandman walking tour in Europe, The Creators of this concept. We return to Peru to open the First Free Walking Tour in Cusco city in 2014, since then this idea has grown very well and we made it very popular in Peru like Lima or Cusco city, our intention is always to keep to Originality of the Free Tour Concept on the other hand we noticed that some of our competitors are misusing this concept by setting a fixed price.


7. We Only Work with Licensed Tour Guides!

Our Tour Guides are fully licensed ones, all of them have studied either 3 years or 5 years, then graduated as Official Tour Guide, therefore all of the wear a License(Carnet) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism. Note that in Peru is Mandatory to have this license to operate as a tour guide!

What if you take a free tour or any paid tour with a non-official tour guide?

The “Guide” will be arrested and the tour will be completely cancelled by the Officers (Police).