Misti Volcano in Arequipa

Lots of tourists going to the Ciudad Blanca (White City) to take a glance of its amazing Volcano called “Misti” also known as Putina, some passengers are even climbing it, located in southern Peru near the city of Arequipa with its seasonally snow-capped, symmetrical cone, Misti stands at 5,822 metres – 19,101 ft above sea level and lies between mount Chachani 6,075 m or 19,931 ft and Pikchu Pikchu volcano 5,669 m or 18,599 ft. Its last eruption occured in 1985, 198 years after its previous documented eruption.

Near the inner crater six Inca mummies and strange Inca artifactshave been found in 1998 during a month-long excavation directed by archaeologists Johan Reinhard and Jose Antonio Chavez. You can find those wonderfull findings stored at the Museo de Santuarios Andinos in Arequipa.

There are two main climbing paths to the Misti. The Pastores route starts at 3,300 metres – 10,800 ft. Usually a camp is made in 4,500 metres – 14,800 ft at Nido de Aguilas. The Aguada Blanca route starts at 4,000 metres – 13,100 ft near the Aguada Blanca reservoir, and a camp is made in 4,800 metres – 15,700 ft at Monte Blanco (the camp is named after Mont Blanc, the summit of which is approximately the same elevation as the camp). Neither climbing routes presents technical difficulties, but both are considered exhaousting because of the steep loose sand slopes.