Cielo Punku Viewpoint: A door to the Cusco sky

1. Description “Cielo Punku (Heaven’s Gate in Quechua) is a viewpoint where you’ll find a large sculpture shaped like a hand, offering a beautiful view of the Huaro valley surrounded

Historic Center of Cusco: What to see in centro histórico?

1. What is the Historic Center of Cusco? The Historic Center Cusco | According to collective memory, the city of Cusco was re-founded by the first Sapa Inca known as

What are the four temples of Machu Picchu?

The Temples of Machu Picchu — The historic sanctuary of Machupicchu is located in Aguas Calientes district, Urubamba province, in the department of Cusco. This Inca citadel houses several temples

Volunteering in Cusco: Activities and community service for good hearted travelers

Cusco, called the archaeological capital of America, is a place blessed with a great culture and fascinating traditions, full of contrasts between indigenous and colonial styles, a land where the

¿What´s Huaca Pucllana of Miraflores in Lima?

1. History: The Huaca Pucllana | The Huaca Pucllana sanctuary is a great adobe and clay pyramid, built with seven stepped platforms, it is 1800 years old; the term Huaca

The Changing of the Guard Lima — Peru

1. History Check out below a brief chronological history of The Changing of the Guard Lima. During the colonial period, the protection of the Viceroy—the alter ego of the king

Main Square of Lima Peru — How to get there? — Plaza de Armas

1. History Main Square of Lima — When Francisco Pizarro arrived in the Rímac valley and re-founded this city, he did so following the Ordinances for the foundation of cities

What is the historic center of Lima? Lima centre — Downtown

1. What is the Historic Center of Lima? Historic center of Lima Peru | It is the old downtown of Lima metropolis, it is normally known as El Damero de

Top things to do in Miraflores — Peru

Top things to do in Miraflores — Peru | Miraflores district is one of the most historical and tourist neighbourhoods of Lima, many visitors stay in this place because of