Flavor and tradition: 10 Peruvian desserts

Description Peruvian cuisine is known worldwide for its variety and flavor. Signature dishes like Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, and Causa Rellena shine on their own, but no lunch or dinner is

Top things to do in requipa

Arequipa is known as “The White City” and is the second-largest city in Peru, located in the southern region of the country. Founded in 1540, the city has played a

Gastronomy of Arequipa: ¿What to eat?

Arequipa, one of the most successful and thriving regions in southern Peru, is situated between the coasts and the Andes. It is a magical place with valleys, mountains, and a

8 Touristic Neighborhoods and Districts of Lima

Lima is one of the cities with the greatest variety of tourist attractions. Here you will find a simple guide that will help you discover the most representative attractions of

Cielo Punku Viewpoint: A door to the Cusco sky

1. Description “Cielo Punku (Heaven’s Gate in Quechua) is a viewpoint where you’ll find a large sculpture shaped like a hand, offering a beautiful view of the Huaro valley surrounded

Historic Center of Cusco: What to see in centro histórico?

1. What is the Historic Center of Cusco? The Historic Center Cusco | According to collective memory, the city of Cusco was re-founded by the first Sapa Inca known as

What are the four temples of Machu Picchu?

The Temples of Machu Picchu — The historic sanctuary of Machupicchu is located in Aguas Calientes district, Urubamba province, in the department of Cusco. This Inca citadel houses several temples

Volunteering in Cusco: Activities and community service for good hearted travelers

Cusco, called the archaeological capital of America, is a place blessed with a great culture and fascinating traditions, full of contrasts between indigenous and colonial styles, a land where the

¿What´s Huaca Pucllana of Miraflores in Lima?

1. History: The Huaca Pucllana | The Huaca Pucllana sanctuary is a great adobe and clay pyramid, built with seven stepped platforms, it is 1800 years old; the term Huaca