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Free Walking Tour Bogota in English
Free Walking Tour Bogota – Guided Tours in English

Enjoy the history of Colombia with Free Walking Tour Bogota in English with the best expert guides about Colombian history, culture and tradition. Your Tour Guide will explain about the pre-Hispanic history, pre-Columbian societies that inhabited this area, the Spanish foundation of Colombia, the colonial period and the emancipation movements, he/she will even do comments about Las Farc and the Colombian Peace Process. Do not miss it, the reservation is free!

What places will we see in this free tour of Bogota?

1. Barrio La Candelaria

Free Walking Tour Bogota in English, The Candelaria Neighbourhood
The Candelaria Neighbourhood

La Candelaria is a colonial, historic, bohemian and vibrant neighbourhood of Bogota, with iconic places such as a cathedral from the Spanish era and the neoclassical Capitol that flanks Plaza Bolívar. The neighbourhood is full of narrow streets and shops that sell emeralds and crafts and many cultural attractions such as the Gold Museum, with pre-Columbian artefacts and the Botero Museum, which exhibits international art in a colonial mansion.

2. Graffiti and Murals Paintings

Free Walking Tour Bogota in English, Mural Paintings - Graffities
Mural Paintings – Graffities

The City of Bogotá is full of graffiti dating back the the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, the Bogota infrastructure is full of bridges, big walls and tunnels that somehow facilitates local artists to show their idiosyncrasy throughout Graffities. The artists seek to generate reflections on topics such as Afro-People, folklore, Identity, Culture and the Environment. Learn more about graffiti street art with your free tour guide in Bogota.

3. Simon Bolivar Square

Free Walking Tour Bogota in English, Simon Bolivar Square
Simon Bolivar Square

This square in the colonial period was known as “Plaza de Armas” but since Colombia became a republic at the beginning of the 19th century by Simon Bolivar, this place was renamed as “Plaza Bolívar” in honour of the Liberator. Around the whole plaza are located some of the main buildings of the city, for example the Palace of Justice, the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica Prima, the House of the Ecclesiastical Council, the Archbishop’s Palace, and the Liévano Palace headquarters of the Mayor’s Office of Bogota. Enjoy it better with a free walking tour in Bogota.

4. Chorro Quevedo Neighbourhood

Free Walking Tour Bogota in English, Chorro Quevedo Neighbourhood
Chorro Quevedo Neighbourhood

Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, the Spanish conqueror established its military garrison at this place and later on he founded this city in 1538 at the same place, this means that this area is the birthplace of Bogota. Nowadays the square is located in the historical center full of colonial buildings. Enjoy it better with a free walking tour guide.

5. Gabriel García Márquez Park

Free Walking Tour Bogota in English, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Park
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Park

This park is also known as Parque de Los Periodistas but since 2014 it has been renamed as Parque de Los Periodistas Gabriel García Márquez in honour of the most famous writer and journalist in the history of Colombia, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1982 for his monumental work “100 years of solitude” Learn more about the history of this park and Gabriel Garcia.

Details of this Free Tour in Bogotá, Colombia

Find all the details of this free tour via the best companies like Beyond Colombia or Gran Colombia Tours where you will find everything you need to know before joining this free tour such as meet up times, operation days, available languages, meeting points, reservations and more, do not forget to leave your donation at the end of the tour.

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