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Discover all the cultural history with the Free Walking Tour Havana. Discover the land of Fidel Castro and the Socialism of 21st century, our expert tour guide will take you the best spots like the Capitolio, monuments, La Bodeguita del Medio, Havana’s central park, etc. Book your free walking tour in English in downtown La Habana, the tour booking is totally Free!

What to visit on this Free Walking Tour in La Havana?

Explore the Monument of Francisco de Albear

Monumento a Francisco de Albear
Monument of Francisco de Albear

The Francisco de Albear monument (1816-1887) was a creative military engineer in 1855 of the project to drive to Havana from the waters of the headwaters of the Wind. It was the most important engineering work carried out in the 19th century in Cuba and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Cuba. The statue that honors him was created in Italy in natural size and in Carrara marble by the Cuban sculptor José Vilalta Saavedra in 1893.

Unveil La Bodeguita del Medio

La bodeguita del médio.
La Bodeguita del médio.

La Bodeguita del Medio is an emblematic restaurant in Habana. Born in the mid-19th century as a food house, today it is an excellent place to immerse yourself in the Habana tradition. Its walls overflow with the signatures of its visitors. Throughout its career, the winery has been visited by hundreds of famous people. From Ernest Hemingway, who was one of the most assiduous of his time, to Salvador Allende, through Agustín Lara, Pablo Neruda and Nicolás Guillén. Many of them have left their marks on the walls, on which it seems that a single autograph could no longer fit (although, if you work hard, you will certainly find space for yours).

Have fun at Parque Central da Havana

Central Park of La Havan in Cuba

The central park of habana, a natural area within Cuba that is one of the busiest spots for Cubans. It is on Rua Prado, next to the Grande Teatro de Habana. It is a park opened in 1877 and has since become a reference place. At first, the park barely had trees, but from 1959 it was decided to plant a few more trees to give it a greater color, in addition to decorative elements.

Of course it is an area where, in addition to being able to stroll leisurely and enjoy the vegetation and trees, it is possible to sit in silence and admire some interesting elements. One of the highlights is the statue of José Martí, made in marble and is an excellent work by José Villalta de Saavedra, located in the central part of the park, before Queen Elizabeth II of Spain, in addition to other sculptures, stone benches and some fountains . An interesting fact is that the gardens have 28 royal palms in memory of José Martí’s birth and an interesting fact is that we found 8 jars that serve as graves in memory of the students who died in 1871. It is a place where you can spend the whole day walking , sitting on benches, playing sports or just sitting while reading a book.

Discover La Fuente de la India

fuente de la india
Fuente de la India

This fountain represents a splendid indigenous woman, adorned with a crown of water feathers, seated not on a throne and surrounded by 4 goldels, which are just fountains that pour water into huge shells formed by the base. Like the first ones, he takes a shield like the city basket and one from Brazil in the form of full chia. This sculptural work serves as inspiration for several poets and also appears in several fantasy tales. A legend tells us that the night before, at the opening of the building, the fort blew through the city, demolishing several trees and tearing down some houses. I don’t want to, or I think I would take this statue, I’m going to move. This place is considered a mandatory visit for the inhabitants of the emmode neighborhood that is located. Throughout this source conversations, server stories, passions and real life are made.

Discover the Capitol of La Havana

capitolio habana cuba
O Capitolio da Habana

Protagonist of postcards, posters, t-shirts and various souvenirs, it is a symbol that undoubtedly identifies all of Cuba. It is assumed; It doesn’t matter if you constantly steal plans for a movie or music video. In the past, taking a photo in front of its facade was irrefutable proof of a stay in the island’s capital. Majestic, imposing, sober and beautiful, this is how the Capitol of Havana is presented. It draws attention from a distance, it stands out in the context, it forces us to stop looking between the busy coming and going of the thousands of people who travel daily around them. The National Capitol of Cuba was inaugurated on May 20, 1929 by the then president Gerardo Machado. It is located on the edge of Centro Habana and Old Havana, towards the south end of the famous Paseo del Prado.

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