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Discover all about Berlin city in Germany with the nicest Free Walking Tour Berlin company. You will explore historical places with a local german guide based on tips, Don´t worry we don´t tell sad stories but awesome fantastic constructive history, so you can be sure you will have a lot of fun, book now your 100% english free guided tour in Berlin!

What do we visit in this Free Walking Tour Berlin?

Brandenburg Porta or Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Porta
Brandenburg Gate

It was built between 1734 and 1737 and consisted of 18 portals whose names indicated the destination to which they left each. In Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is the only one left, the names of other gates now giving the name to subway stations. The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the triumph of peace over arms. The Brandenburg Gate, the former gateway to Berlin, has become one of the main icons of the German capital and is a symbol of peace’s triumph over arms. The Brandenburg Gate is one of Germany’s most famous monuments, so hundreds of tourists visit it every day, a setting of turning points in the history of Germany and Europe.

Hitler’s Bunker Tour

bunker hitler

The Bunker is necessary for many visitors to Berlin. Many groups with their guides come together in the middle of a pleasant space that, at first glance, was more associated with the outskirts of any city. However, we are in the heart of the capital of Germany. In different languages, we try, sometimes with humor, sometimes with almost solemn seriousness, to translate this space for those arriving in the German capital. In any case, searching for traces of this central twentieth-century character here requires imagination.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memory of Jews killed in Europe

The memorial is located in the heart of the city, next to the Brandenburg Gate. Walk by it and do not miss the exhibition centre. People report different reactions from visiting this view, but most agree that it is an intense and dark experience, reminding the visitor of the dark past. This memorial is part of most surrounding area sights, celebrating minorities and processed by the Nazi era.

Ruins of the Berlin Wall

Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall is one of Berlin’s main attractions, both for its very existence and for what it meant in a period that, although it now seems distant, not many years ago. It is a symbol and, like all symbols, it is s worth knowing, the more data you know, the more profitable the visit will be.



This iconic place is a square located in the historic center of Berlin and is considered the most beautiful square in the city. In this place you can see the Konzerthaus (Concert Palace), there is also the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) and on the south side the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral).

This square is built from 1688 and was designed by Johann Arnold Nering as part of Friedrichstadt. In this part of the city, a large part of the French immigrants you settled were Protestants, who had also been granted civil rights and the protection of their religious freedom by the emperor Frederick William I of Brandenburg through the edict of Potsdam in 1685.

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