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free walking tour la paz bolivia
Free Walking Tour La Paz in Bolivia

La Paz is the largest and most important city in the Andes of Bolivia with a population of almost one million inhabitants. Unveil the political and cultural center on foot with Free Walking Tour La Paz or (Free Guided Tours on Foot). Your Local Guide will show you the most emblematic places in terms of history and tradition about La Paz and Bolivia. It will also make recommendations on activities that you should do.

What places will we see on this free tour of La Paz?

1. San Pedro Prison

San Pedro Prision

Consider that it is no longer allowed to visit this place from the as it used to be three years ago, but your official tour guide will do his best to give relevant comments about the history of this Prison, which was originally built as a fortress in the colonial period. This prison is located in the urban center of La Paz city in Bolivia.

2. Witch Market

free walking tour la paz, Witch Market
Witch Market

A 100% Indigenous, a traditional and very popular place where local people still practice ancestral traditions mainly from Aymara speaking people. The payment to Pachamanca(The Earth Goddess) is a living tradition in the Andes of South America especially in Peru and Bolivia, in this market, your Local Guide will tell you about what is offered to mother earth? What is the process? How long does it last? Why is it done?, he/she will also explain about the men wearing black hats carrying coconut bags, better known as “Yatiris” – in English Indigenous priests, join La Paz free walking tour to learn more about this city on foot.

3. Rodriguez Market

free walking tour la paz, Rodriguez MArket
Rodriguez Market

This market is located in the historic center of La Paz, where your Guide will tell you about the living traditions that are still practiced in this place like “Truque” (in English Barter) and you can always haggle prices. Apart from products such as vegetables, fruits and food, you will also find souvenirs to buy for your relatives and friends back home.

4. San Francisco Church Square and Atrium

free walking tour la paz, san francisco plaza and church
San Francisco Plaza and Church

The Basilica of San Francisco in the city of La Paz is a Catholic temple under the invocation of San Francisco de Asísi dating back to the colonial period in the fifteenth century. It is located in the center of the city, right next to the church there is a Plaza also known as San Francisco that is used to organizing many cultural and economic events.

5. Murillo Square

free walking tour la paz, murillo square
Murillo Square

This beautiful plaza is located in the center of the city of La Paz, it became the center of the political power of Bolivia after the transfer of the Executive branch to La Paz city in 1899 because of the Federal War nevertheless Sucre is still the headquarters of the Judiciary branch. At this plaza, you awesome free walking tour la Paz guide will comment on Bolivian history and on some current political and economic events happening in La Paz Bolivia.

Details of this Free Tour in La Paz

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