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Discover all of London’s cultural history with Free Walking Tour London. You will unveil places with a native Englishman, who will show you the best of London´s history in 2.5 to 3 hours on foot, you won´t require tickets, it is a free tour, all places we visit are free of charge. Book your English Free Tour of London now!

What to visit on this Free Walking Tour in London?

Explore the Big Ben and the Parlament

The Big Ben and the Parlament

The Palace of Westminster is the seat of the British Parliament and houses the historic House of Lords and the House of Commons. It is here that there is also the famous tower known as Big Ben, perhaps the biggest icon in London. Its name ‘palace’ is because it was the official residence in London for English kings from the 11th century to the beginning of the 16th century. Despite being the seat of Parliament and one of the most historic and important buildings in the world, the Palace of Westminster is open to the public and can be seen through our free guided tours inside.

The Palace of Westminster can be visited on Saturdays throughout the year and during the summer and parliamentary recesses can also be visited during the week (daily days). On guided tours of the Palace of Westminster, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the palace and have the opportunity to see inside the famous Chambers of Lords and Commons. There is also access to Westminster Hall, a large medieval hall with almost 1,000 years of history and the oldest in the world, and one of the few surviving structures from the original 11th-century palace (the palace was burned twice). In addition to the historic halls and the impressive architecture of the palace, with the guided tour, you discover curious stories and can learn about how the English parliament works and some of its curious traditions.

Visit The Trafagar Plaza

The Trafalgar Plaza

Undoubtedly, Trafalgar Square is the most representative and famous square in London city, an indisputable meeting point for Londoners, with a constant flow of tourists who consider this square an essential visit on their trip to the English capital. The most characteristic feature of this square built-in 1845 is its large column, in honor of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, who achieved victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, which gives its name to the busy square. This column reaches a height of more than 50 meters, crowned by a sculpture of the vice admiral. Around the obelisk, you can see the bronze sculpture of giant lions shaped by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. On the side of the column are the harmonious sources of crystalline water that suppose a breath of freshness, especially on hot days.

To the north of the square is the building that gives Trafalgar Square its majestic appearance. This is the National Gallery, which has the most important pictorial collection in England, with works ranging from 1250 to 1900. Another building worth admiring is the church of St Martin, in the Campos, in the northwest corner.

Charing Cross is the name of a street that leaves the square. This point corresponds to London’s kilometer zero, as well as Puerta del Sol, in Madrid.

Around Trafalgar Square are the busiest areas of London, with numerous restaurants, cinemas, cafes and shops. These areas are Chinatown and Soho.

Discover The Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

This building was built by the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, who used it sporadically. In 1762, King George III bought it and made it his private residence. Then it would pass through many hands and generations, which would affect several architectural variations. With the coronation of Queen Victoria, on June 28, 1838, this building would become the official residence of the monarchy. Buckingham Palace is the place of residence of British monarchs and also a place used for official court ceremonies. It has an incredible architectural value and houses many works of art of unquestionable value; many of them belonging to the royal collection, various paintings, sculptures, and other works of art that the royal family has collected over the years.

Within this palace, several architectural styles merge into a building of exquisite taste. The Belle Époque, the Georgian period and even certain elements taken from the Chinese tradition, are some of the characteristics that make the various rooms and corners of Buckingham Palace so unique.
Buckingham Gardens are the largest private green spaces in London. They have a beautiful artificial lake that was created in 1828 and that receives water from the lake in Hyde Park, Serpentine.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is London’s main art museum, located at the north end of Trafalgar Square, in the city of Westminster, in the center of Greater London. Opened in 1824, it has a collection of over 2300 paintings, mostly European, from a great historical period between 1250 and 1900. Due to its content, it is a gallery and not a generalist museum, as it does not exhibit sculptures or other arts, which are displayed in other important museums in the capital. Sculptures and decorative arts are at the Victoria and Albert Museum; the British Museum houses mainly archeology and drawings, and post-1900 art is exhibited at Tate Modern. Some paintings by British authors are displayed in the National Gallery, but the National Collection of British Art is concentrated mainly in the Tate Britain museum, dedicated specifically to the art of the country.

Explore The Leadenhall Market

Londres Market Leadenhall

Leadenhall Market is a Victorian market with high-quality clothing, jewelry, perfumes, and beverages. There are restaurants and bars for all budgets, from the highest category to family restaurants and typical bars. It is one of the oldest markets in London, as its origin dates back to the 14th century. Due to its elegant, typically Victorian style, it was chosen as the setting in numerous films. Some specific places in this market appear in the Harry Potter films.

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