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Discover the majestic history of San Francisco with Free Walking Tour San Francisco, we will tell the story of the pre-colonial period, we will comment on the euphoria of European migration to the wild west for reasons of land and gold; we will walk through the historic center visiting historic places like El Barrio Chino, La Plaza Unión, La Pirámide Transamerica, comment on Alcatraz Island and much more.
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What are we going to visit on Free Walking Tour San Francisco in USA?

Visit the Union Square

Union Square San Francisco

Located in the heart of the city, Union Square is San Francisco’s best known shopping area. The square is named “da União” because it was the location chosen for demonstrations in support of the Union Army during the Civil War. Today Union Square maintains its role as the ceremonial center of San Francisco, hosting many concerts and public events, protests and art exhibitions. In addition to shopping, Union Square is one of the most important and interesting places in the city. It is worth visiting the surroundings and visiting some nearby streets, such as Post, Geary, Powell and Stockton. You can watch art galleries, attend a show in one of the theaters, dine at the best restaurants in town, or just watch how life goes in the heart of San Francisco. If you are lucky enough to visit San Francisco for Christmas, the square has some additional attractions, such as the huge Christmas tree and the skating rink that delights citizens and visitors.

Explore the Piramide Transamerica

Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco em USA

The Transamerica Pyramid of San Francisco, has a modern and innovative ign, is considered a landmark in the history of Architecture and is the architectural icon par excellence in this beautiful city of the United States. Although the Transamerica Pyramid appears to simulate the human figure, the spectacular building is inspired by the shape of trees in a public park in the Californian city of San Francisco. The architect William Pereira designed an overwhelming building, thanks to the pyramidal shape of its beautiful facade, although very stylized to be able to fulfill its function, taking advantage of the space in height, but in a responsible manner. The beautiful building, of true visual spectacle and permanent strength, is splendid thanks to a superstructure.

Walk in the Bairro de Chinatown

O Bairro de Chinatown

In San Francisco, it is the second largest Chinese community in the United States. We will dare the large entrance gate typical of the Chinese people, located in the southern part of the neighborhood, on Grant Avenue. Once inside the neighborhood, it is a good idea to visit Portsmouth Square. In this square, the flag of the United States was raised for the first time in 1846 and today, the inhabitants of the neighborhood can be seen practicing tai chi or playing some games like mah jong. To get to know the neighborhood, you can go to Stockton Street, where you can find some food markets, where you can observe the daily life of the neighbors. In Chinatown, you can also visit the Chinese Cultural Center, although it only has a craft store and an art gallery where works by some Chinese artists are displayed.

Experience the Cable Car

cable car san francisco
Cable Car San Francisco

The cable cars are a recognized historical symbol all over the world and offer real transportation on San Francisco’s steep hills. It is a funicular system that serves San Francisco, California.

Visit the Lotta’s Fonte

Lotta’s fonte
Lotta’s Fonte

The Lotta fountain is a historic fountain located at the intersection of Market Street, which is located in downtown San Francisco, California. The fountain was commissioned by Lotta Crabtree as a gift for the city of San Francisco in 1875. It was painted with a golden-brown metallic paint, the lion-headed fountain stations located on the sides of the column flow during the day. The statue witnessed many events such as the earthquake where it was a Serbian base meeting point.

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