Lares Trek (Alternative Inka Trail to Machupicchu)

Hello bloggers today, I going to write about Lare Trek (Alternative Inka Trail to Machupicchu) in Cuzco in Peru. Read more in the blog below:The trek from Lares to Machupicchu you will see, past beautiful pastoral regions of the Urubamba mountain range, you will cross snow-capped peaks and subtropical valleys, taking advantage of scenic lagoons, natural thermal baths, archaeological sites of the Inkas throughout the trip.


This tour is wonderful because you can see up close the customs and experiences of the Andean people, so the trail from Lares Trek to Machupicchu in Cuzco in Peru, has the benefit of providing a true Andean cultural experience.


The Valley of Lares in Cuzco is home to several traditional Andean communities that have changed little in the last 500 years. You are likely to see many local weavers and farmers wearing colorful traditional clothes, and depending on your ride, you may have the chance to watch or participate in some weaving action.The area is famous for its home textiles, so if you want to bring an authentic part of Peru, Cusco back home with you, get some extra soles.


You can pick up a bargain here while doing a local weaver’s day! The Lares Trek does not include as many Inca ruins as some of the other walks in the area, but it pays off with a look at local life and breathtaking landscapes. The Lares Trek is an excellent alternative to the Inca Trail. Taking you off the beaten track with visits to authentic Andean communities while surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valleys, this fabulous journey offers a true insight into the people of Cuzco as it once was.


The trail the trek begins in the village of Pumahuanca in the Sacred Valley and ends at the thermal baths of Lares with a visit to the village of Cuncani along the way, then, Lares to Ollantaytambo and then by train to Machu Picchu. The Valley of Lares is in the eastern Urubamba range, crossing part of the Sacred Valley.

The trekking route of Lares crosses the typical mountainous areas of the Peruvian Andes. The Vale de Lares is home to many traditional weavers and farmers and famous for home textiles. The indigenous peoples of this area speak Quechua and Spanish and often give you the chance to weave something. The Lares trekking in Cusco is one of the main alternatives to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

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