Metropolitano Bus System in Lima — Peru

Metropolitano Bus Lima — É um sistema de transporte público integrado muito moderno, foi inaugurado em 2010 para descongestionar o transporte de veículos em Lima.

1. Why to use the Metropolitano?

Because it is Fast and Cheap, keep in mind the Metropolitan Buses have their OWN LANE, exclusively for them.

2. Is it comfortable to travel on the the Metropolitano buses?

As guides and travel agents, we have used the Metropolitano buses hundreds of times and the complaints were super minimal, because the buses are spacious and comfortable; however we do not recommend using this system in the following situations:

At rush hour

Por la comodidad y la rapidez de este sistema de buses, hay mucha gente local que prefiere usar este medio de transporte, por eso trata de no usar estos buses en horas puntas: de 6am a 9:30am y de 5:30pm a 9pm, sobre todo en verano (diciembre a marzo), en donde hace mucho calor.

If you travel with children

If, for example, you have a baby with your stroller, it will be very annoying to find comfort, especially in rush hour.

If you use a wheelchair

The bus stations and the buses themselves are signposted for people with disabilities, that is, you can use the Metropolitano; but we do not advise you to use this system in rush hour, the stations and buses are super crowded.

If you have never traveled by public transport

People, who are not used to traveling full and stopped buses, probably do not like it, so we recommend a private transport, it can be Uber or taxi.

This service is probably not the choice of many people who are not used to traveling standing on crowded buses; for this reason, we recommend a private transportation such a taxi or Uber beforehand.

3. What are the Metropolitan routes?

  1. La Ruta Troncal: It has a trajectory that connects the South part of Lima (Chorrillos) with the North of Lima (Comas) and the districts that are between Chorrillos and Comas, for example: Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro, San Miguel, La Victoria, Cercado de Lima (Lima historical center) and others; if you are a tourist you have to use this route.
  2. La ruta Alimentadora: It is made up of a series of buses that travel along specific routes and whose destination is a bus stop that belongs to the Ruta Troncal.

4. What are the stations or bus stops?


  • We always suggest you ask the staff at the control booth where do you want to go? — before entering the station.
  • Once you enter the station you will also see a huge sign with the name of all the stops and routes.

Attractions and bus stations:

Below we mention the tourist attractions that exist on the Ruta Troncal (south—north—south) and the Name of the Bus Stations where you must get off.

  1. To go to the free tour of Lima in the historic center — get off at Estación Jirón de la Unión, then walk to La Merced Church.
  2. To go to the Plaza de Armas in the historic center — get off at Estación Jirón de la Unión.
  3. To go to Plaza San Martín de Lima in the historic center — get off at Estación Colmena.
  4. To go to El Parque de la Exposición, Museo de Arte de Lima and Museo de Arte Italiano in the historic center — get off at Estación central.
  5. To go to Estadio Nacional and el Circuito Mágico del Agua (Parque de la reserva) in the historic center — get off at Estación Estadio Nacional.
  6. To get to Kennedy park en Miraflores — get off at Estación Ricardo Palma.
  7. Para ir a la Huaca Pucllana en Miraflores — get off at Estación Ricardo Palma (from the bus station to Huaca Pucllana is just 20 minutes on foot).
  8. To get to the most popular Casinos from Miraflores — get off at Estación Benavides.
  9. To go to Larcomar and el Malecón de Miraflores — get off at Estación 28 de julio.
  10. To go to the Plaza de Armas de Barranco and Bridge of sighs (Puente de los Suspiros) in Barranco district — get off at Estación Bulevar.
  11. To go to Barranco district, there are 2 bus stations: Estación Plaza de las flores and Estación Balta; it depends a lot on where exactly you want to go in the Barranco district.

Note: From the Bus Station to the Attraction on foot, it will take you an average of 3 to 5 minutes.

5. How to use the Metropolitano?

You have to buy the Metropolitano card at any bus station that is part of this metro-bus system, refill your card with local currency at the same station.

In each station, there are personnel in charge to assist users, sometimes you will not see any metropolitan personnel, especially on Sundays and holidays, for this reason there are also machines that issue the metropolitan card; for the card you pay 5 Soles – remember to bring local money in coins.

6. Which of the buses do I take inside the station?

  1. You must first orient yourself if you want to go north or south — the North direction is towards the historic center of Lima and the South direction is towards the Barranco district; this is the easiest way to understand La Ruta Troncal for tourists.
  2. The second step is to identify the bus line that you must take; The buses are classified into 4 bus lines: Line A, Line B, Line C and Line D.
  3. As a national or foreign tourist Always Take LINE C, forget about the other Lines because they are Express and the safest thing is that they do not stop at your destination. Line C is a regular service, that is, it will make stops at all stations.
Metropolitano en Lima
As a visitor to Lima, LINEA C of the Metropolitan is your bus, don’t forget it!

7. Which are the schedules?

Hours are according to the type of bus, but generally operate from 6am to 10pm

8. What are the prices?

  • Keep in mind, you have to buy a card that costs 5 Soles.
  • The general price is 3.20 Soles, to any destination.


  • If you travel as a couple or family, you don’t have to buy 2 or 3 cards, you can use the same card; however you have to recharge more money.
  • Do always carries money in Soles and preferably in coins.

9. Preguntas Frecuentes — FAQS

Can I use the Metropolitano buses without buying the card?

Yes, you can, just go to the station and before entering the bus station, ask a favor of any person who is queuing up and say Podrías pasar la tarjeta para mi—Can you sweep your card for me?, give to that person 3.20 Soles per person.

99% of people are ready to help you, you can also ask for help from Metropolitano bus staff.

How do I know if my bus stop is the next station?

The buses have an automatic voice system, where the name of the next station is verbally announced, before the bus arrives.

In addition, inside the buses there is a screen, where it is announced verbatim: what will be the next station.

How do I know if there are Metropolitan buses where I stay?

If you stay at the following districts: Chorrillos, Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro, San Miguel, La Victoria and the Cercado de Lima (historic center) there are Metropolitano bus stations, we also suggest consulting with the reception of your hotel.

Is it safe to take the Metropolitano buses?

Sure, but it is always good to be aware of your things, especially when the bus is super full.

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