Mystical and Esoteric Tourism in Cusco, Peru

Hello dear readers, today I going to write about mystical tourism in Cusco in Peru, without doubts attract many people from different countries. Know more about in the blog

The spirituality and mysticism that surrounded the Inca culture are still alive in many traditional families of Cuzco city and also in all Peruvian Andes. In the capital of the Inca Empire, there are still families who practice rites inherited hundreds of years ago. This is a great attraction for tourists coming to Cusco, who seek to live unique experiences through their traditions.

Ground payment (pago la tierra):

The Meaning of Pachamama to the Inkas

Due to the great devotion to the land we mentioned earlier, the Incas always performed activities that would thank Pachamama (Mother Earth) for everything that was granted. Currently, in some areas of Peru, rites such as land payment, which is carried out every first of August and repeated throughout the month, are still carried out, for at this time it is believed that the earth is thirsty and hungry. Thank you to Pachamama you are offered coca leaf, cereal seeds, raw silver, sullus (llama and sheep fetuses), chicha (drink made from purple corn), wine, animal fats, sweets and huairuros (red and black seeds for which magic powers are granted). Keep in mind to learn more about historical and cultural facts, join our Free Walking Tour Cusco


Many people travel to Peru with the sole purpose of performing a healing ritual through ayahuasca. The plant it was used by ancient Peruvians to expand their levels of consciousness, achieve inner harmony and see beyond what the mind allows. This cosmic journey are always performed with the help of a shaman or spiritual guide who tells you what you have to do and how to live the experience safely. The ritual is usually performed at night; the shaman has made a kind of mixture with ayahuasca as the main ingredient and the person who drinks had visions in which their ancestors may appear, may reveal their future or, ultimately, can clarify what is the meaning of life. The effects of this drink last for several hours, during which the person ingested should vomit to discard all the ingredients that cause these visions.

Reading the coca leaves:

Tourists arriving in Peru are always surprised when they receive tea or caramel. These products are not made with the known drug(Cocaine), but with its original plant, the same used to make the ancestral reading of coca leaves. The shaman or expert in reading picks up coca leaves and throws them in a blanket with Inca designs.

Depending on whether the leaves fall on the face or front, the shaman will know whether the prediction of the question is positive or negative. For the more skeptical, we recommend this ritual not for knowing its future, but for living the experience of Incan traditions and its legacy today.

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