Plaza de Armas Arequipa — The Main Square of Arequipa city

plaza de armas arequipa

While traveling in Latin American countries, it is very common to see Plazas with water fountain at the middle part and a Church around it.

Plaza de Armas of Arequipa is a must to be visited by all people while being in here, it has very nice portals, a beatiful gothic Cathedral adn a bronze water foutain, all of them designed by europeans and built by indigenious people at colonial and republiccan times.

Portals of Plaza de Armas

The main Plaza has three big portals that previously where town hall of Arequipa functioned in the colonial era and from the Republican era does the municipality of Arequipa. The portals have a Neo-Renaissance architecture and are made of granite and some ashlar sotones.

Pileta – Water Fountain

All our beatifull  Plazas must have Water fountains as our cities Plazas, Colisseoums, Streets, Avenues, Stadiums and etc, we got this sort of biuldings since we have learnt mainly from the Romans and the Greeks so did the Spaniards as well. Right at the center of the square, there is a bronze fountain with a sculpture made of bronze of a pixie with a trumpet, it is said that he once had wings, but over the years he lost, this sculpture is called Tuturutu. There is a myth that depicts a soldier of XVI century. The source closest to the character at hand is the priest and historian Ventura Travada and Cordova, who in his book: “The floor of Arequipa become Heaven” tells us about it: “corónala (referring to the stack) an angel for fame , by whose mouth water rises in a high tuft”