Thing to do at Plaza de Armas — Cusco

Manco Capac’s Statue

Nice artcraft cast in  2011 to conmemorate the founder of Cusco city thounsands years ago approx, sent by his father God Wiracocha to the Valley of “Qosqo” (offical name for Cusco in Quechua language) – It is said so based on traditions – leyends written by Croniclers such as Inca Garcilaso de la Vega back in the 17th century, some of them coming fom verbal transmissions.

It is been made in copper, tin zinc. NO fiberglass.

Water Fountain

Disigned by the french Sculptor JP Victor Andre  made by the  American Company JANES & KIRTLAND CO. and cast in Bronx, New York back in 1872.

Spots Where You Can Eat (non-traditional food)

The last 10 years Cusco became very cosmopolitan, very diverse city that includes very well kwown fast foot companies such as Mc Donalds, KFC, Bembos. Prices are very affordable becouse of the cost of living compared to first developing countries. You can find nice chicken wings for 12soles(4usd).

Notice: If you want to eat traditional food such as “Roasted Guinea Pig” or “Rocoto Relleno”(stauffed chillis), we do advice to eat somewhere not that close to Plaza de Armas since they are very expensive.

Spots Where You Can Have a Drink (Daytime)

To all people who do love drinking, having some snacks and watching their sports, go to PADDYS PUB or CROSSKEYS, they are at Calle Triunfo next to the Cathedral on the right hand side. If you are loking for a hot drink go for STARBUCKS, there are better traditional places for sure, we will post another post on the next days regarding this subject.

Spots Where You Can Wine And Have a Drink (Night Time)

Night life in Cusco is crazy, many choices and sometimes it is hard to decide for one, especially if you want a clean, safe and non expensive place. They are many of them but Mama Africa, IncaTeam and Mithology are good enough to spend sometime, the drinks are 2.5usd to 5usd approx.

Spots Where You Can Shop

We do not necessarily recomend shoping at Plaza de Armas since they are way much more expensive than outside plaza de Armas, but if somebody is looking for a genuine outdoor chlothing look for NORTHFACE, the rest is not necessarily real ones eventhough they got the label on it (most of them). If you want more well known brands such as Caterpillar, Puma, Quechua, Patagonia, Columbia go to REAL PLAZA, which is located at the Avenida La Cultura, 15min by mass transit(0.7 cents soles one way – 0.20centsusd) or u can get a cab, it costs 6soles one way – 2usd.

How to get to the mass transit busses? from Plaza de Armas look LIMACPAMPA (until this place 7minutes by walking) bus stop and before getting to one of them ask “pasas por Real Plaza? – are u passing by Real Plaza?” if they say “si” get on it.

For purchasing genuine Alpaca jumpers, hats, etc there are nice places around the Plaza de Armas itself but better go somewhere else, on the next post we will talk about genuine alpaca wool and how to recognize them.

Free Walking Tours in Cusco

The best modern way to discover most historical cities are by joining a free walking tour, we have daily departures for our tip-based tours, check out ouyr reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

 free tour Cusco

Tickets to Machupicchu

For those people who would love buying some train tickets to Macupicchu pls, visit Inca Trail Company, we do know that most passengers are familiarized with Peru Rail Company, but we do have another option, that is Inca Trail since this is a young company with innovative ideas from time to time they do have nice promotions, very affordable ones, you might be the lucky one.