Top things to do in Miraflores — Peru

Top things to do in Miraflores — Peru | Miraflores district is one of the most historical and tourist neighbourhoods of Lima, many visitors stay in this place because of the good infrastructure for tourism, security, recreation areas, green spots, modernity and order. If you plan to travel to Peru, we suggest you staying in this district and do the following activities.

What to do in Miraflores during the day time?

1. Visit the John F. Kennedy Park

This park is the ideal place if you are looking for a quiet spot and kid’s friendly location, it has green areas decorated with native trees and flowers to the Peruvian coast; you can also visit the Paseo de los Pintores where you can buy paintings made by masters from Miraflores.

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

In this beautiful park, there is also an amphitheatre, where the people of Miraflores dance every weekend with live music.

If you love republican architecture of Peru, explore the Church of Virgen Milagrosa, located next to the city hall palace.

This park is located between avenida José Larco and Avenida Diagonal; the entrance is 100% Free and it is open 24 hours.

2. Visit the Huaca Pucllana temple

If you are a lover of pre-Columbian history, we suggest you visiting the Huaca Pucllana, it’s an archaeological site built of adobes(rudimentary clay bricks) in the 5th century AD; in this site you will see a beautiful pyramid that was used for rituals for different deities such as the Sun and the Moon.

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

This archaeological site is located in Gral. Borgoño, block 8.

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If you just arrived in Peru, you’re staying in Miraflores and don’t know how to get to the historic center, don’t worry; you can join our Lima Free Walking Tours, leaving from Miraflores; We will show you how to get to the center of Lima by local bus, the most emblematic places in the historic center of Lima and what to eat in Lima.

Note for Peruvians: At the moment the free tours are only for non-Peruvian tourists; However, you can take the classic city tour of Lima.

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

How to join our free tours Lima, leaving from Miraflores?

It is simple, to see our meeting point in Miraflores, things to bring, tips and more details about this tour, please make your reservation on Free Tour Lima on foot from Miraflores; you can also see our comments on Facebook and google:

4. Visit the Mercado Surquillo N° 1

If the food in Miraflores, seems to you very expensive, don’t worry!; we have the solution for you, go to Mercado Surquillo N° 1, although this market doesn’t belong to Miraflores district but to Surquillo; This mercado is very close to Miraflores, if you start walking from Kennedy Park to this market, it will take you about 5 to 10 minutes.

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

In this market, you will find super cheap food from 5 Soles to 10 Soles, the place is safe and clean.

To get to this place, go to avenida Paseo de la Republica 5325.

5. Visit the Larcomar Shopping Center

On the Cliff of Miraflores—Malecon de Miraflores, there is a very modern shopping center overlooking the Pacific ocean, good for buying clothes, for taking some coffee, for eating local food at traditional restaurants; there is also fast food areas.

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

This shopping center also has a modern cinema, free wi-fi and parking space; it is located on the Malecón de la Reserva 610.

6. Don’t miss the Love Park

If you visit Miraflores for the first time, don’t miss the Love Park—Parque del Amor; this place is ornamented with native flowers, concrete seats decorated with mosaics and a beautiful statue of a couple kissing each other. The monument is called El Beso designed by Víctor Delfín in 1993, inaugurated on February 14 of the same year; that is why this place is called El Parque del Amor

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

To get there, follow this link, if you are in Miraflores, we recommend you get there on foot.

7. Explore the José Larco Avenue

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

In the historical center of Lima, there is an unmissable street called “Jirón de la Unión”, in Miraflores we have its competitor, it is called Avenida José Larco, which is a cosmopolitan avenue where you can find, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, boutiques, pharmacies, clothing stores, casinos, hotels, banks, money exchange offices, etc.

8. Explore the Miraflores Cliff and the Lighthouse

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

If you are looking for a short walk with a beautiful panoramic view, do the Miraflores boardwalk, from the cliff, you can see all the beaches f Miraflores, which are part of the Costa Verde circuit; you can also visit the Miraflores lighthouse and you do paragliding.

9. Surf in Miraflores

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

The waves of the Miraflores beaches are very good for surfing, you can visit the Waikiki and Makaha beaches, both spots are very good for beginners and experts in surfing; there are also Surf lessons on the beach, you don’t have to sign up beforehand, just get in there and start your lessons.

10. Visit the Indian markets

¿Qué hacer en Miraflores?

If you have already been to Cusco, Puno and Arequipa; but couldn’t buy handicrafts to take home, don’t worry; Go to avenida Petit Thouars, where you will find several handicrafts centers. We recommend you to haggle the prices, it is part of our culture, haggling is not rude in Peru.

What to do in Miraflores at night?

11. Visit one of the 5 best bars in Miraflores

  1. La Emolientería: It’s a 100% Peruvian bar with fusion music, a large variety of drinks are offered.
  2. Huaringas Bar: It has comfortable armchairs and supreme flavors of Pisco.
  3. Treff: This bar has the best promotions for Peruvian beer mugs.
  4. Bar Público: It’s a bohemian bar.
  5. Pisco Bar: It’s a quiet bar, they offer delicious snacks and Pisco cocktails.

12. Visit the Calle de las Pizzas

If you love nightlife, visit this emblematic street where you will find restaurants, bars and clubs; However, the Municipality of Miraflores made a restructuring of this street, 3 years ago to remove the restaurants that were on the street, and thus recover the width of this alley. Today it is open, but the restaurants are no longer on the street, but inside the houses; the street looks broader and more orderly. If you don’t know what to do at night in Miraflores, visit this street, which always has activities for nightly entertainment.

13. Visit the Casinos from Miraflores

Explore Miraflores casinos, the most popular ones are La Hacienda and Fiesta; both casinos have awesome games, promotions and prizes. In order to enter you must dress formally and the minimum age required is 18 years. The casinos in Miraflores are open from 6pm until 6am.

Frequently asked questions – FAQS

How to get from Miraflores to the center of Lima?

  • First option: Take Uber or taxi, pay about 15 Soles to 20 Soles – (5 to 7 USD).
  • Second option: Take the Metro-Bus (Metropolitano) at Ricardo Palma station, get on line C, heading from Miraflores to Lima center, please get off at Jirón de la Unión station. To use this service you need to pay 2.50 soles pp – Before entering the bus station there is a control booth, where you can ask for more information.
  • Third option: Take our free tour Lima, leaving from Miraflores.

Where can I find good accommodations in Miraflores?

  • If you want a hotel, you can stay at the Courtyard by Marriot and the 4 Points by Sheraton.
  • If you want a cheap place to stay in Miraflores, we recommend Kokopelli and Flying Dog, both hostels have beds from 15 Soles per night – (5 USD).

Where to eat traditional Peruvian food in Miraflores?

We recommend to visit the Calle de las Pizzas, you will find several restaurants and bars at low prices on this alley; if you want to treat yourself got to either Rafael or Maído, both  restaurants have traditional A-1 food.

Where do I exchange foreign currency in Miraflores?

There are quite a few money exchange offices on José Larco avenue and Óvalo Miraflores, you can also exchange US Dollars into Soles Peraunos with the Cambistas(people who exchange money), they are located on the corner of Banco de Crédito del Perú; exchanging your money with them is safe and even better, because they offer you better rate.

What is the best area of Miraflores?

The entire Miraflores district is safe and orderly, however, we advise you to stay very close to Kennedy Park, because you will find many more facilities for tourists, such as hotels, hostels, restaurants, banks, handicraft markets, etc.