World Tourism Day in Peru: September 27

Due to our human nature, curiosity is the starting point of all our knowledge. We always want to know the origin of everything, the reason for things and even life. Because of this need, man began to expand and leave his territory looking for different reasons that help satisfy his need.

The Origin: Why does man travel?

You imagine? The first ticket bought by a Viking to have his honeymoon? would require clean towels and hotel 3 to more stars? This idea cannot be so far-fetched. The most relevant reasons that can be highlighted for traveling outside the territory of man’s origin were trade, the exchange of products, invasions, wars and even leisure, as in Greece, when people traveled to watch the Olympic games. The reasons to justify these trips could not be closed in a single list since this was given empirically and continues to be exercised until now.

Why is tourism recognized worldwide?

What does tourism represent for a population and the whole world? It is not known exactly when the first tourist package was sold and to what amount, but it is known that since the French Revolution the largest number of trips by many individuals inside and outside the territories has been recorded. Leisure travel began to develop a better function as new forms of transport and infrastructure were developed, such as places of rest such as hotels, lodges, hostels, etc. Tourism is of great importance for being a driver of economic development and thus improving the quality of life of the people who exercise it.

For this reason, the UN (United Nations Organization) created the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and in 1980, seeking to show the importance of tourism, proposed to celebrate World Tourism Day every September 27 because it corresponds to the end of the high tourist season in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of that season in the southern hemisphere.

Tourism in Peru

In Peru, tourism represents, according to the Tourist Observatory of Peru and the comment of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Roberto Sánchez Palomino for the wall of the official newspaper “El Peruano”, until two years ago before the economic and social paralysis that produced the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest source of income that exceeded the value of primary sector exports and was 22% higher than that obtained from foreign sales of energy products, such as gas and oil .

Tourism has the facility to generate economic income in a short time, something that can be perceived from the famous “Normalization” post COVID-19 pandemic, thus again generating the employment of technical and empirical people who seek to improve quality and well-being. from their homes. For this reason, in Peru the different types of tourism that existed before are being “reactivated”, types that were generated by geographical differences, archaeological centers and interventions by external agents such as NGOs that developed social projects for the insertion of low-income families into the tourism market, as well as traditional tourism, adventure tourism, experiential tourism, etc.

The archaeological centers that Peru possesses, although not all of them are considered as world heritage sites and the few such as the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, the Historic Center of Cusco, the Huascarán National Park, the Chavín Archaeological Site, the Historic Center of Lima , the Manu National Park, the Historic Center of Arequipa, the Sacred City of Caral – Supe, the Qhapaq Ñan, and many other destinations show national and foreign visitors the Finnish combination of infrastructure with landscape and in addition to the mysticism that our ancestors left us in their cosmology, cosmogony and life.

Currently tourism in Peru had to undergo variants for its reactivation, prioritizing biosafety protocols, the Peruvian state to exert pressure through the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism grants Safe Travels stamps, which is considered a guarantee for tourists. domestic and foreign travelers.


Every large, medium or small company that develops in tourism within Peru has a commitment to continue working and improving through competition and collaboration with artisans, technicians, specialists and citizens. This commitment is not only to generate economic income but it is also the responsibility to provide satisfactory experiences to each passenger.

Being aware that tourism does not provide a product, but a service, this leads to said service having a greater degree of importance. Each passenger will qualify the significant importance, a fact that will serve for gatherings between friends and family. They will be experiences that may be a moment today, but will last a lifetime in the memories of travelers and in the stories they will tell their grandchildren, because the fact of traveling leaves that, experiences that remain throughout our lives.

Happy World Tourism Day!

Jhasmin Diana Ventura Aucca

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