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Free Walking Tour Lima: Free Tour of Lima in the historic center

Best history focused free tour of Lima based on tips


Join our original historic free walking tour of Lima led by a pioneering Indigenous Company — we are 100% licensed guides.
In Peru, tour guides are required to take part in Tourism & Hospitality Career studies. After they finish their studies, the government gives them a license to be a guide.
There are a few phony guides in Lima’s historic centre, who are not allowed to guide legally.

We assure you that your tour leader will be a licensed guide making your tour one of top quality; your free walking tour will be an excellent one focused on history and you will visit must-see attractions in Lima center as Sandemans team would do.

We won’t take you to Chocolate Shops.

Why to reserve with us?
  • 100% Peruvian company
  • 100% Indigenous team
  • Licensed tour guides
  • It is Free to book

Availability of Lima free tour at 10:00 & 11:00 & 15:00

Make your free tour reservation now, even last-minute reservations are accepted, we have rooms! — we are operating all free tours in Lima in English and Spanish from Monday to Saturday (NO Sundays). Check the timetable below.


How to recognize our Guides? Look for our Operator at the correct meeting place:

  • In Miraflores look for the Inkan Milky Way Logo-Sign
  • In Lima historic center look for the Inkan Milky Way Logo embroidered on the yellow vests

Tour Type: It’s a free group tour (not private), sometimes our groups can be sizable; therefore, our guides use speakers.

Accessibility: This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

What to bring?

  • If you leave from Miraflores with us, please bring:
    • 3.20 Soles per person for the local bus ticket, please bring coins, we don’t have small coins to give you the change
    • Cap or hat, a bottle of water in summer (January to March)
    • Sweaters or jackets in winter (mid-April to November)
  • If you start your free tour in Lima center, please bring:
    • Cap or hat, a bottle of water in summer (January to March)
    • Sweaters or jackets in winter (mid-April to November)

Included: Professional and licensed Tour Guide.

How to book?: Please book on this webpage.

Faq’s: Please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

WhatsApp: +51 958745640 & +51 984479073.


The itinerary can always change because of weather, strikes and festivals.

Jirón de la Unión Street
Let’s explore this traditional street from the colonial period, a pedestrian street that connects the old town with the republican city. 

Plaza de Armas de Lima or the Main Square
Discover the vibrant birthplace of Lima city, surrounded by several buildings of great importance such as the Cathedral and La Casa del Oidor.

Change of Guard — optional
We will do our best to experience the famous Change of Guard, taking place in front of the Presidential Palace — this event is only for the morning walk. As mentioned above, it is optional, this means that this event does not happen daily, especially these days because of the political instability.

Presidential Palace — exterior visit
We won’t miss this superb building known also as La Casa de Pizarro, the famous Spanish “Conqueror”.

Atrium of the Lima’s Cathedral
We will hit the only one wooden Cathedral of Peru, designed by Matias Maestro during the colonial period.

Santo Domingo Church
Did you know that the first black Saint is a Peruvian? Well, his name is San Martin de Porres, he lived in this colonial church.

House of Peruvian Literature
We will hit this old railway station, built at the beginning of the 20th century to connect Lima with the Andes.

Pisco tasting – optional
Discover the history of the Peruvian Pisco and try it, don’t miss it!

Atrium of San Francisco Church
During our free walking tour, we will give you a great introduction about the San Francisco church and the history of the Catacombs.

Colonial City Wall of Lima
Lima was a fortified city for about 300 years; part of the city wall still exists nowadays at El Parque de la Muralla.

Tour Ending Place
We finish the tour very close of the Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas) in the historic center at about 13:30 for the morning tour and 17:00 for the afternoon walking tour.



Free – based on your donation, neither our tour guides nor the team members have set salaries.

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    10:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday3.5 h
    11:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
    15:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
    10:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday3.5 h
    11:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
    15:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
    We don’t operate on Sundays, July 28, December 25 and January 1. The tour duration is approx.


    10:00 Meeting Place — leaves from Miraflores: Meet us at Pasaje Porta 132 (outside Oechsle Mall) —you can only join us here if you are very close to Pasaje Porta 132 or Kennedy park—max 10min away by foot. Please bring 3.20 soles pp for a local bus ticket; seriously a bus? Yes, we don’t tour in Miraflores, this is only a pick-up place. If you are not close to this spot or you don’t like to travel via crowded local buses, go on your own to the 11:00 or 15:00 Meeting Place (starting point).

    11:00 Meeting Place — starts in Lima historic center:  Join us on the Jirón de la Unión Street 608 (in front of La Merced Church) this is where the tour begins.

    15:00 Meeting Place — starts in Lima historic center: For our Lima Free Walking Tour in the afternoon, you must also come to Jirón de la Unión Street 608 (in front of La Merced Church) from all over Lima — we don’t pick up anyone from Miraflores.


    If I stay in Barranco? Click here.

    If I’m a Cruise Ship passenger? Come to Jirón de la Unión Street 608 (in front of La Merced Church) in the historical center at 11:00 or 15:00.

    If I’m at Lima airport? Come to Jirón de la Unión Street 608 (in front of La Merced Church) in the historical center at 11:00 or 15:00.

    If I’m not sure which meeting place to go? Come to Jirón de la Unión Street 608 (in front of La Merced Church) in the historical center at 11:00 or 15:00.

    How do I get to the historic center on my own?

    Look for
    logo free tours peru
    10:00 in Miraflores: This is the Oechsle Mall
    free tour lima miraflores meeting point
    11:00 & 15:00: At La Merced Church


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    What makes us different?

    • We are accountable
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    What is a free tour?

    Are you wondering whether our free tours in Lima are as good as the paid ones? Our guided tours are 100% free to join and we work hard to earn your appreciation at the end of the tour; therefore our walks are first-class.

    Read the history of our highlights

    Jirón de la Unión Street
    Jirón de la Unión Street

    It is the most famous and oldest street in the historic center, in the colonial period was known as Calle de los Mercaderes—The Merchant Street, because it was a very commercial alley as it still is today; this walking path connects the old city with the republican part of Lima.

    Plaza de Armas of Lima
    Plaza de Armas of Lima

    The Main Square of Lima is the oldest area from all over Lima, it is the square where Lima city was re-founded 500 years ago by Francisco Pizarro, the place where the Republic was founded, it is the core of Lima’s urban life and almost an obligatory tourist attraction to explore.

    Change of Guard of Lima
    Change of Guard of Lima

    The changing of the guard is a military staging, that takes place in the courtyard of honour of the Presidential Palace; the performance is done by the Peruvian National Police and the Cavalry Regiment of the Peruvian Army, with the musical accompaniment of Peruvian and European cantatas.

    Presidential Palace or the “House of Pizarro”
    Presidential Palace or the

    The palace of Taulichusco—Indian chief, was torn down to build the Viceregal Palace in the colonial period; however, the old colonial palace was destroyed by fire. The famous peruvian-polish architect Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski designed the current neo-colonial style residence in 1926.

    Church of Santo Domingo
    Church of Santo Domingo

    The convent of Santo Domingo was built in the early sixteenth century, it was home to the most famous Peruvian saints such as Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres; the first university in Peru and South America was founded in this convent on May 12, 1551.

    House of the Peruvian Literature
    House of the Peruvian Literature

    This Art Nouveau style building was designed by Rafael Marquina (first Peruvian architect) at the beginning of the 20th century, it has 50 columns, 3 floors and a stained glass ceiling; it was originally built as a train station known as Estación Desamparados to connect Lima with the Andes.

    Cathedral of Lima
    Cathedral of Lima

    Pedro de Noguera, designed the first Saint John’s Cathedral of Lima, but it was unfortunately destroyed by the 1744 earthquake. The current basilica was designed by Matías Maestro and built after the earthquake; it is a renaissance style wooden cathedral to stand out earthquakes.

    Church of San Francisco
    Church of San Francisco

    This Spanish Baroque style Convent of San Francisco was built in the 16th and 17th century, it is very famous because of the Catacombs and the Library from the colonial period, where the Foundation Act of the Republic of Peru signed in 1821 is still preserved.

    Colonial City Wall of Lima
    Colonial City Wall of Lima

    This city wall was built in between 1684 and 1687, under the government of Viceroy Melchor de Navarra and Rocafull; during the colonial period, Lima was the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru and had a lot of wealth; therefore, the wall was built against pirates and corsairs.


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