How to get from Callao port to Lima, Miraflores and Barranco?

how to get from callao to lima?

How to get from Callao port to Lima? Are you on a cruise? Are you arriving at Callao port? You don´t know how to get from Callao port to Lima? Do you want to visit Miraflores or Barranco? Then you are on the correct page!

​Callao as port may seem like a mixed bag in terms of safety, however as long as you are very well informed, nothing will go wrong and once you are in Lima center or Miraflores you will come to the conclusion that it is absolutely worth getting off the ship and explore the colonial city and the cool modern neighbourhood of Callao, including other cool areas in Lima such as La Punta or Barranco.

What is the best way to get to Lima center, Miraflores and Barranco?

Take the shuttles organized by the cruise companies!

Most cruise lines organize a free shuttle from the ship to a few different destinations – usually Plaza San Miguel, La Punta or the JW Marriott hotel in Miraflores. Currently, there are no established, standard shuttle schedules for arrivals, which may make the process of disembarking and getting around seem overwhelming. Most ships inform passengers a day or two days before docking which shuttles will be offered at the port of Callao and from there you can fine-tune the rest of your transportation.

how to get from callao to lima? public transportation
Lima Shuttles

Note that if you are dropped off at San Miguel or La Punta you are still far away from Lima’s main attractions, so what would you do?

Take a Taxi or Uber to Get to Lima center, Miraflores or Barranco

Outside the port you will see many taxi drivers offering their services, the prices change a lot, many of them, unfortunately will try to overcharge you however we recommend you to negotiate the price, keep in mind that Negotiating in Peru is Very Polite, nothing wrong with that, so do it!

how to get from callao to lima? taxi
From Callao Port to Lima by taxi
  • From La Punta to Lima Center you should pay max of 10 USD(35 soles) to Lima center(Plaza de Armas or the Main Square of Lima)!
  • From San Miguel Mall to Lima Center you should pay a max of 9 USD(30 soles) to Lima center(Plaza de Armas or the Main Square of Lima)!
  • From San Miguel Mall to Miraflores (Kennedy Park) you should pay max of 8 USD(25 soles)
  • From San Miguel Mall to Barranco (Bohemian neighbourhood) you should pay max of 9 USD(30 soles)

  • From Callao Port to Lima Center (Plaza de Armas or the Main Square of Lima) you should pay max of 10 USD(35 soles)
  • From Callao Port to Miraflores (The Financial center of Peru), you should pay an average of 18 USD(50 soles)
  • From Callao Port to Barranco (Bohemian neighbourhood), you should pay 20 USD (60 soles).

Consider that all prices above are the Total Price (only one-way), most taxi drivers allow 5 passengers per taxi (One person will go in the front as co-pilot and four at the chairs at the back), you can pay them in dollars or local currency!

The average duration of transportation in all the destinations mentioned above is 1 hour to 1.5 hours!

Can I take a Local transportation system in Lima?

We suggest you no to do it because there are hundreds of companies, hundreds of routes and the traffic is terrible, so please take a taxi, uber or the shuttle that will be implemented by your cruise company.

Things to do in Lima

Free activities in Lima center:

If you head to the centre of Lima, you can explore the following attractions:

  1. The Presidential palace – exterior
  2. The Plaza de Armas
  3. The House of Peruvian Literature – interior
  4. The Colonial City Wall of Lima
  5. The Change of Guard – event
  6. The Chuch of Santa Rosa de Lima – interior
  7. The Free Walking Tour in Lima center based on tips

Make your reservation at Free Tour Lima, you can also see our comments on Facebook and google:

Nota para peruanos: Los free tours por el momento son solamente para el turismo receptivo; sin embargo puedes realizar el city tour clásico del Lima colonial y moderna.

  1. You can not miss definitely the Church of Santo Domingo, where you will learn about the 3 Peruvian Saints such as Santa Rosa de Lima, San Martin de Porres and San Francisco de Solano.
  2. Explore the Catacombs of San Francisco where around 36000 people have been buried during the colonial period!

To consider don´t worry about the fee, prices are very affordable, average 7 to 10 USD (please bring local currency), there are always guided tours in English and Spanish, separate groups based on the language. The Santo Domingo Church and the Catacombs of San Francisco are open from Mon to Sun (No Monday) from 8am to 5pm,

Activities in Miraflores:

how to get from callao to lima? miraflores boardwalk
Boardwalk in Miraflores

If the JW Marriott is the drop-off point, you will be right in the center of Miraflores and within walking distance of many points of interest such the Kennedy Park, the Love Park, Larcomar and Huaca Pucllana. You may also reach for some traditional Peruvian Restaurants in Miraflores! Note that if you do The Love Park and Larcomar you are doing a boardwalk which is fantastic!

Activities in San Miguel and La Punta:

If you are dropped off at San Miguel or La Punta, you can do the following activities:

  • San Miguel is a mall, so you can do shopping, you can even find some traditional restaurants nearby.
  • La Punta is the coolest part of Callao, where you can explore Graffiti Art, take a walk on the beaches and look for some cool Peruvian seafood restaurants.
how to get from callao to lima? la punta callao
La Punta in Callao

Activities in Barranco:

Barranco is one of the most charming and laid-back corners of the city, full of colour and life. It’s a great place to take a stroll and admire the republican architecture and El Puente de Los Suspiros! Are you looking for an awesome Restaurant in Barranco then try traditional Peruvian food at La Central Restaurant.

how to get from callao to lima? barranco 2
Street Art in Barranco
how to get from callao to lima? barranco
Mansions in Barranco

Is it possible to visit all those places mentioned above in one day?

Yes, you can do, but not recommended because you will have a very rushy day apart from that you will need private transportation, which will be very expensive. Therefore, you need to decide where you want to go, we strongly suggest you visit the historical center.

However if you have an overnight in the Port, that means you will have plenty of time, you visit most places mentioned above, still, try to be one of the first ones in going ashore and visit Lima center, Miraflores and Barranco.

Note that you can not add to this route La Punta since it is on the other side on the city, therefore if you want to visit La Punta you will have to skip Barranco and Miraflores, so alternatively you can do La Punta and Lima center.