Where to store luggage in Cusco?

Where to store luggage in Cusco? Hello, dear traveler, thanks for reading this blog you may be interested in, many tourists when they arrive in Cusco wonder about where to store luggage in Cusco, Leave your luggage with us!

We have an office in the historic center of Cusco city where we will leave your luggage safely.

1. Hours to drop off or pick up your luggage:

  • Please text us on WhatsApp to see opening hours: +51 997 054 557 (Jhon Geminis Peralta).

2. Where do I leave my luggage in Cusco?

Bring your luggage on your own to Calle Zetas 400 – indoors, 2nd floor, office 23. Keep in mind you shoukd contact us before bringing your luggage.

3. Price:

  • Hand Luggage: 5 Soles for 1 day (maximum 12 hours)
  • Large Luggage: 10 Soles for 1 day (maximum 12 hours)
  • If it exceeds 12 hours, we will charge 2 days fee

4. How do I pay?

Pay at the office preferably in cash before leaving the luggage. Pay in local currency or in USD.

5. Discounts:

We can make discounts as long as you have joined our classic tours and free walking tours in Cusco.

6. Is it safe to leave my luggage with you?

Sure, but regardless of the safety, don’t leave any money, jewelry or any valuable items in your luggage. See our reviews on TripAdvisor.

7. Lost luggage issue:

We will not take responsibility for any lost luggage because we are not a hotel, we only try to help tourists who trust us; however, this issue never happened before. We are honest people, what’s more, we never gave a reason not to trust us.

8. How to join our free tours:

Note for Peruvians: At the moment the free tours are only for non-Peruvian tourists; However, you can book our pre-paid tours for Cusco, Lima and Arequipa.