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Free Walking Tour Cusco in the historic center

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Uncover Cusco city center on foot with our original free walking tour Cusco, guided by our friendly indigenous tour guides. While free walking with us, you will visit requisite attrmeactions from both the Inka and colonial periods of our history.
We’ll walk on real Inka streets and to old colonial buildings such as the House of Francisco Pizarro.
You will see Inka aqueducts, anti-earthquake Inka walls, South-American camelids, the daily life of local indigenous people, offerings to the Pachamama, etc; therefore, our free tours in Cusco are very unique and enjoyable to everyone, who wants to learn about our town — we will not visit bars, we are original as Sandeman’s.

Why to reserve with us?
  • 100% Peruvian company
  • 100% Indigenous team
  • Licensed tour guides
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Make your free tour reservation now, even last-minute reservations are accepted! — we are operating all free tours in Cusco in English and Spanish — separate groups. Check the timetable below.


How to recognize our Guides? Look for the Inkan Milky Way Logo embroidered on the Yellow Vests – FWTP.

Duration: About 2.5 to 3 hours.

Language: All our free tours are entirely in English; however, if you wish for a Spanish tour check free tour Cusco in the Spanish language.

Tour Type: It’s a free, non-private group tour; groups can be significant sometimes; therefore, our guides use speakers.

Accessibility: This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

What to bring? Do always bring: Sweaters, raincoats, rainponchos, hats and anti-slip shoes.

Included: Professional and licensed tour guide.

How to book? Please book on this webpage.

Faq’s: Please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

WhatsApp: +51 958745640 & +51 984479073.


The itinerary can always change because of weather, strikes and festivals.

Meeting Place
Heladeros street 290 in front of Chicha Restaurant — how to get in there? Please don’t get confused with the Plaza de Armas!

House of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega — exterior visit
Hear the history of the most famous Peruvian chronicler from the colonial period, father of Peruvian Literature.

San Francisco Square
Walk along into the Botanical Garden of Cusco, we will show you the national flower.

National High School of Science — exterior visit
Head towards the oldest public high school in Cusco founded by Simon Bolivar in 1825.

Saint Claire Arch
Stroll past the most iconic arch from Cusco, built to commemorate the Peru–Bolivian Confederation in the 19th century.

San Pedro Market
Continue to the Mercado San Pedro, the oldest and the only one traditional market in Cusco.

Plaza de Armas — Main Square
Discover the birth-place of Cusco known as Auqaypata in the Quechua language — native local-incan tongue.

Atrium of the Cathedral
A useful stop to learn and admire the oldest cathedral in Peru, the second biggest one in the American continent.

Street of the Sun
Get to know about La Calle del Sol or Inti Kijllu in the Quechua language, one of the fewest wide stone pathways well-kept from the Inca period.

Visit of Alpacas and Llamas — optional
Play with these South-American camelids, our Andean sheeps and horses.

Palace of Inca Pachaquteq
Discover the palace remains of the most famous Inca Emperor, who changed the social order of Andean societies in the 15th century.

Santo Domingo church and Qoricancha — exterior visit
Awesome intro about this Andean baroque style church and the famous Inca temple known as Qoricancha.

Tour Ending Place
We will finish the free tour inside a shop close to Santo Domingo church (no one is obligated to buy anything at all), it is just a tour ending place where you can even use the washroom.



Free – based on your donation, neither our tour guides nor the team members have set salaries.

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    The 10am schedule is everyday; BUT the 1pm and 3:30pm schedule is ONLY from Monday thru Saturday. We don’t run free tours every 25th of December and 1st of January.

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    For all Free Tour Schedules in Cusco: Heladeros street 298 in front of Chicha Restaurant — how to get in there? Please don’t get confused with the Plaza de Armas!

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    What is a free tour?

    Are you wondering whether our free tours in Cusco are as good as the paid ones? Our guided tours are 100% free to join and we work hard to earn your appreciation at the end of the tour; therefore our walks are first-class.

    Read the history of our highlights

    House of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
    House of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

    This Andalusian-style residence with a gallery of semicircular arches and stone balconies was built on Inca platforms in the early 16th century; the famous writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Chimpu Ocllo was born in this house and lived in Cusco until he was 20 years old.

    San Francisco Square
    San Francisco Square

    This plaza was part of the Cusipata square in the Inca period; in the colonial times this square was renamed as San Francisco — it was the 2nd most important public space after the Plaza de Armas; at the beginning of the 20th century became an open-top train station.

    National High School of Science and Arts
    National High School of Science and Arts

    It is the first public school in Cusco, founded by Simon Bolívar on July 8, 1825; the purpose was to democratize education, which was 100% private until that date. On July 8, 1901, the former students from this high school founded the famous Football Club Cienciano.

    Santa Clara Arch
    Santa Clara Arch

    This republican monument was built in 1835, under the government of General Andrés de Santa Cruz to commemorate the foundation of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation (1836 – 1839); it is called Santa Clara due to its proximity to the church of Santa Clara.

    San Pedro Market
    San Pedro Market

    The slaughterhouse of Cusco was located at plaza San Pedro at the beginning of the 20th century, but it was torn down to build the San Pedro market, designed by the civil engineer Gustave Eiffel in 1925; the structure of the building is made from iron, cement and corrugated iron roof.

    Main Square of Cusco
    Main Square of Cusco

    During the Inca period, it was called Aucaypata, which means main plaza in the Quechua language. It was surrounded by palaces, temples, schools and the Saphy river. During the colonial period it was renamed as Plaza Mayor and later on became Plaza de Armas.

    Atrium of Cusco’s Cathedral
    Atrium of Cusco's Cathedral

    The palace of Inca emperor Viracocha was torn down in order to build the Cathedral of the Lady of Assumption (built in between 1560 and 1664 by indigenous labor); the first architect was Juan Miguel de Veramendi and the last one Miguel Gutiérrez Sencio; it’s currently the oldest catedral in Peru.

    The Sun Street
    The Sun Street

    This pedestrian alley is currently known as Calle Loreto, because it adjoins the chapel of Our Lady of Loreto; however, in the Inca period was known as Inti Kijllu, which means “The Sun Street” in the Quechua language; this walking path takes you directly to the Sun Temple.

    Play with Alpacas and Llamas
    Play with Alpacas and Llamas

    These Andean camelids played an important role in the history of the Andean man, like the horses for the Europeans and the camels for the Arabs; we obtain the fiber and meat from the Alpacas; however, the Llamas are mainly for cargo transportation — not for riding.

    Palace of Inca Pachaquteq
    Palace of Inca Pachaquteq

    This Inca palace was built in the early fifteenth century for prince Cusi Yupanqui, who later changed his name and became the 9th emperor known as Pachaquteq, the palace was divided into 9 courtyards (each courtyard has 8 houses and 4 orchards or gardens.

    Santo Domingo Church and Qoricancha
    Santo Domingo Church and Qoricancha

    The Order of Preachers torn down the ancient Inca temple of Qoricancha in order to construct a baroque-style convent in between the 16th and 17th. The 1950 earthquake destroyed one of the towers of the church, which was never restored; however, the church still looks superb.


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