Boleto Turístico Cusco: Cusco Tourist Ticket

The Boleto Turístico Cusco or BTC is a Cusco tourist ticket-package that contains 16 most outstanding attractions of Cusco city and region, without this document you will not be able to visit most of the attractions in Cusco.

  • Boleto Turístico Cusco = BTC
  • Completo = full-priced ticket
  • Parcial = half-priced ticket

1. Types of the Boleto Turístico Cusco

Type of BTC# de attractionsPriceValidity
BTC Completo16 tourist sites130 Soles10 days
BTC Parcial: Circuit 14 archaeological sites70 Soles1 day
BTC Parcial: Circuit 22 archaeological sites
4 museums
1 cultural center
1 urban monument
70 Soles2 days
BTC Parcial: Circuit 34 archaeological sites70 Soles2 days

2. List of attractions and what I can see according to my type of BTC

AttractionsBTC CompletoBTC Parcial: Circuit 1 BTC Parcial: Circuit 2 BTC Parcial: Circuit 3
Puca Pucara
Monument of Pachacuteq
Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo
Contemporary Art Museum
Popular art museum
Regional Historical Museum
Qoricancha On-Site Museum

3. What BTC should I buy according to my tour?

Paid Tours CuscoAttractionsBTC Parcial: Circuit 1BTC Parcial: Circuit 2 BTC Parcial: Circuit 3
City tour CuscoSacsayhuamán
Puca Pucara
Clasic Sacred ValleyPisac
Vip Sacred ValleyPisac
South ValleyTipón
Note: If you are going to combine any of the tours above, you have to buy the BTC Completo (full-priced).

If you are going to book the free tours of Cusco, you don’t need the BTC unless you will do the free tour of Sacsayhuamán, see the table below:

Free tours of CuscoAttractionsBTC Parcial: Circuit 1BTC Parcial: Circuit 2 BTC Parcial: Circuit 3
Classic Free tourHistorical Center
Free tour SacsayhuamánSacsayhuamán
Free tour Museums Inca Museum
Temple of Qoricancha

4. Discounts:

  • Students:
    • BTC Completo: 70 Soles | There is no BTC parcial for students.
    • Requirements:
      • You should be under 25 years old (you cann’t be 25 years old)
      • Bring your Original Identity Document and/or Passport
      • If you are not a Peruvian, you must have your ISIC Card
      • If you are a Peruvian, you must bring your Student Card issued by SUNEDU
      • If you are under 18 years of age, you don’t need any type of student card, but bring your Identification Document
      • Children under 10 years old: They enter for free, just bring their Identity Documents; however, sometimes it doesn’t apply because the authorities change the rules from time to time
      • * Bring always with you, your original Identity Document, Passport or Card; photocopies or digital photos aren’t accepted at all
  • Peruvians:
    • BTC completo: 70 Soles | BTC parcial: 40 Soles
    • * You have to bring your original ID, otherwise you will pay as a foreign tourist

5. Where do I buy it?

  • Avenida el Sol N° 185 — opening hours:
    • Monday to Friday: 8am to 5:30pm
    • Saturdays: 8:30am to 12:30pm
    • Sundays: Closed
  • Take cash in Soles. No other currencies or cards are accepted
  • You won’t be able to buy the BTC Online
  • It’s not mandatory to buy in advance, we suggest you buy the same day of your tour, at the attraction (at the check-point), please do always take cash in Soles.

6. It is not part of BTC

7. Faq’s

  • Can I transfer my BTC to another visitor? No.
  • Are there discounts for citizens of the Comunidad Andina? No.
  • Can I use the BTC twice? No.
  • Can I buy the BTC for one attraction only? No, you either buy the BTC Copleto (full-priced) or the BTC parcial (half-priced).
  • Can I have discounts if I buy several BTC’s? No.

8. Photo of BTC

Boleto Turístico Cusco: Guía definitiva 100% actualizada

9. Images of the 16 attractions