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Unveil the pre-Colombian and Spanish history of this city by joining our free walking tour Arequipa taking place in the historical center; Arequipa city is known as La Ciudad Blanca—The White City because during the colonial period many churches and palaces were built by using mainly the Sillar Stones (white volcanic stones—also described as pearly white volcanic rocks).

The original name of this city is Ariq Q’epha in Quechua the language, Ariq means volcano and Q’epa means behind; so Arequipa means, a city located at the foot or behind the Misti Volcano. Book our everyday tip-based walking tours taking place in the historic centre with fluent English-speaking tour guides.

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Make your free tour reservation now! — we are operating all free tours in Arequipa in English and Spanish. We have morning and afternoon schedules, you don’t need to text us on WhatsApp unless your group is big.


How to recognize our Guides? Look for our Operator: Free Tour Downtown Arequipa Logo at the correct meeting place. Please don’t get confused with other location.

Duration: About 2.5 to 3 hours.

Language: All our free tours are entirely in English; however, if you wish a Spanish tour check,  Spanish free tour of Arequipa.

Tour Type: It’s a free, non-private group tour; groups can be significant sometimes; therefore, our guides use speakers.

Accessibility: This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

What to bring? Sweaters, rain coats, hats and anti-slip shoes — because of Covid-19 issue, bring your mask.

Included: Professional and licensed Tour Guide.

How to book?: Please book on this webpage.

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The itinerary can always change because of weather, strikes and festivals.

Meeting Place

Meet us at Our Meeting Place is at Santa Catalina Street 204, right outside Las Gringas pizzeria — how to get in there?

Church of the Society of Jesus — interior visit

We will comment on the main façade and the cloisters of this 17th century church.

Fundo El Fierro | Plaza San Francisco

Learn about the history of one of the most beautiful colonial mansion in the city of Arequipa and which later on became the first prison in this city. Today at this place we have a handicraft center operated by the indigenous people.

Monastery of Santa Catalina — exterior visit

Stroll past the Monastery of Santa Catalina de Siena, which is considered one of the most original architectural works from the Viceroyalty of Peru.

Plaza de Armas or the Main Square

Discover this unblemished plaza by modern interference, it is a museum of the city’s sillar (volcanic rock) architecture — white, and aesthetically unique.

Los Tambos

Discover the history of the first hotel in Arequipa city.

Puente Bolognesi

Discover the most famous colonial bridge in the city of Arequipa where we will also comment on the sacred river of Chilli.

Tour Ending Place

We finish the tour very close of the Plaza de Armas.



Free – based on your donation, neither our tour guides nor the team members have set salaries.

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    If you prefer a free tour in Spanish, please read Horarios de free tour en Español. We don’t run free tours in Arequipa every 1st of January.

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    For all Free Tour Schedules in Arequipa: Meet us at Santa Catalina street 204, right outside Las Gringas pizzeria — how to get in there? Please don’t get confused with the Plaza de Armas!

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    Read the history of our highlights

    Arequipa’s Main Square
    main square of arequipa

    García Manuel de Carvajal, founded Arequipa city on August 15, 1540, in this Plaza; in the central part of the square, there is a beautiful bronze water fountain (from the colonial period) and at the top of the fountain, there is a copper pixie with a horn trumpet.

    Cathedral of Arequipa
    cathedral of arequipa

    The basilica cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Arequipa was built between 1540 and 1656, it has a neoclassic style, designed by Lucas Poblete; many earthquakes and fires have destroyed this church, the last two restorations happened in 1879 and 2001.

    Monastery of Santa Catalina
    santa catalina monastery

    In 1579, the viceroy Francisco de Toledo ordered to build this monastery, made from white and pink Ashlar stones; this monastery had about 300 nuns during its heydays in the 18th century, the nuns were mainly Spanish Americans and mixed races with indigenous.

    San Camilo Market
    san camilo market

    The 1868 earthquake of Arequipa destroyed the convent of Los Padres Camilos, since the church was gone, the city hall established a market in this place, this market bears the name of the former church—San Camilo. In 1938, Gustave Eiffel designed the current market.

    Yanahuara Panoramic Lookout
    yanahuara panoramic view

    This lookout is located in Yanahuara district, it’s made up of a set of beautiful Sillar stone Roman Arches, built in the 19th century. From this place, you can see almost all the colonial city of Arequipa and its three awesome volcanoes: Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

    The Company of Jesus Church
    the company of jesus church

    This Andean baroque-style church was built between 1590 and 1698, the stones that were used to build this church are from the quarries of the Misti volcano; inside the church, there are 66 canvases from the Cusco School of Art, from painters such as Bernardo Bitti and Diego de la Puente.


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