What are the four temples of Machu Picchu?

The Temples of Machu Picchu — The historic sanctuary of Machupicchu is located in Aguas Calientes district, Urubamba province, in the department of Cusco. This Inca citadel houses several temples

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The Pachamama deity on the Andes

Contents1. What is Pachamama and what does it mean?2. What is the Pachamama ritual?3. Where did the Pachamama originate?4. What is Pachamama fed with?5. When is Pachamama’s day? 1. What

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The Ruins of Pachacamac: Archaeological site of Peru

Contents1. History of the Archaeological Site:2. What is the meaning of the term Pachacamac?3. What is the God Pachacamac?4. The Legend of Pachacamac—Cavillaca5. What civilizations occupied the Pachacamac complex?5.1 The

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