Tour al Dios Pachacamac desde Lima

Tour to the Pachacamac God from Lima + Barranco

The most sacred Oracle for more than 1200 years in the entire Peruvian coast


Visit the God Pachacamac, it is considered the most important ceremonial center for more than 1200 years for the pre-Hispanic societies of the entire South American coast, this temple was occupied by four civilizations: The Lima (200 AD to 650 AD), The Wari (650p AD to 1200 AD), The Ichma (1200 AD to 1470 AD) and finally, it was occupied by the Incas from 1470 AD until 1535 AD.

Pachacamac is located in the Lurín valley, 30 km south of Lima city; this place is a true testimony of the civilization process of pre-Hispanic societies, it has more than 50 structures in its monumental area among pyramids and temples, it is clearly showing a very intimate relationship between man and nature (land and sea).

Why to reserve with us?
  • 100% Peruvian company
  • 100% Indigenous team
  • Licensed tour guides

In conclusion, Pachacamac was a holy oracle and a pilgrimage center, the ancient societies would believe that the creator God of everything (Pachacamac) use to live here and he had control of all the telluric movements of the earth. Nowadays, this place is visited by more than 200 thousand tourists per year, visitors from all over the world.

During this excursion, we will additionally visit the Barranco neighborhood, we will combine both pre-Hispanic and republican history.


Duration: About 4.5 hours


  • Group tour: Spanish and English simultaneously
  • Private tour: Spanish, English — separate groups based on the language. If you want another language, just let us know!

Tour Type:

  • Group tour: 10 to up to 30 attendees
  • Private tour: No strangers

Accessibility: This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

What to bring?

  • In summer — December to March:
    • Caps or hats
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • A bottle of water
    • Local currency in cash
  • The rest of the year:
    • Sweaters or jackets
    • Local currency in cash


  • Group tour:
    • Bus pick up from your hotel — applies only to hotels located in Miraflores; for other districts an additional cost will apply
    • Licensed tour Guides
    • Tourist bus with air conditioning
    • Tickets for Pachacamac
    • Tolls
    • Drop off at your hotel
  • Private tour:
    • Pick up with vehicle and Tour Guide from your hotel — applies only to hotels located in Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro, La Victoria and Lima; for other districts an additional cost will apply
    • On time pick up from your hotel
    • Private, professional and authorized tour Guide
    • Private Driver
    • Private vehicle: H1, Van, Renault, Sprinter — it will depend on the group size
    • Tolls
    • Drop off at your hotel
    • * We do not provide Taxi-Guide (it refers to a vehicle that is small, the driver and the guide are the same person) — we offer quality!

Not Included:

  • Group tour:
    • Tips (optional)
    • Meal
  • Private tour:
    • Tips (optional)
    • Meal
    • Entrance tickets for Pachacamac: 15 Soles per person
    • * You can buy the tickets for the attractions on the same day as your tour

How to book? Please book on this webpage or contact us through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: +51 958745640 & +51 984479073


The itinerary can always change because of strikes and festivals; if so, your Guide will do alternative routes.

Meeting Place — at about 9:00

We will meet at your hotel in Miraflores. Previous coordination with the reservations departament is requiered.

Transfer from your hotel to Barranco

Explore the Barranco neighborhood

Discover the most bohemian, artistic, and romantic neighborhood in Lima, visit the following attractions:

  • The Plaza of Barranco
  • Bajada de los Baños
  • The famous Bridge of Sighs
  • The statue of Chabuca Granda
  • Graffiti art

Transfer from Barranco to Pachacamac

The duration of the car ride from Barranco to Pachacamac will depend on car traffic but normally it takes 45 minutes (one way).

Visit the Pachacamac on-site Museum

Discover one of the first site museums in Peru founded in 1965, inside the museum you can see the famous wooden God known as Pachacamac in the Quechua Language.

Visit the archaeological site of Pachacamac

This tour ends at your hotel in Miraflores.

  • Templo del Sol — The Sun temple
  • Templo de la Luna o Mamaconas  — The Moon temple
  • Plaza de los peregrinos — The Pilgrims square
  • Templo Viejo — The Old temple
  • Templo Pintado — The Painted temple

Tour Ending Place — at about 13:30

This tour ends at your hotel in Miraflores.



Group tour:

  • 40 USD per person

Private tour:

  • 75 USD per person based on 2 people
  • 60 USD per person based on 3 people
  • 50 USD per person based on 4 people
  • 40 USD per person based on 5 people
  • If your group is bigger, contact us pls!


Group tour: From Tuesday to Sunday.

  • Pick up time: About 9:00
  • Ending time: About 13:30

Private tour: From Tuesday to Sunday.

  • If you book a private tour, we are flexible with the schedule.

📋 Note: 

  • The Pachacamac museum is closed on on Mondays.

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    We will meet at your hotel in Miraflores. Previous coordination with the reservations department is required.


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