Moon Temple Cusco – Templo de la Luna Cusco in Peru

Moon Temple Cusco | If you are bored of always visiting places with full of tourists or you don´t like museums, we recommend you visiting this Inca temple, carved in rock, which has no cost at all, the visit is free (Visit this place in day time – from 6am until 5pm), this place is not safe at night, there are also park rangers who will ask you to leave this place by 5pm.

1. History of the Temple of the Moon in Cusco

According to the morphological characteristics of this place and the writings of some chroniclers about this piece of art, it dates back to the Imperial Inca period (1438-1532 AD), built and carved on a rock, in the interior and also outside (upper-part) ceremonies or rituals were dedicated mainly to the Moon (You can see on the image below the moon-figure carved on the rock) and other deities such as the Pachamama (Mohter earth)

Andean cosmology is characterized by a deep respect for many energy entities such as the Moon or Mother Earth (Pachamama in Quechua language) because they are closely connected with Agriculture, the main economic source in the Inca period.

Due to this reasom, offerings to the Deities were very popular in the Inca period to show Man’s gratitude for good harvests, there was even large farmlands dedicated exclusively to the Gods. Don´t miss this place!

2. What to do in the Temple of the Moon – Activities?

  • Taking a walk from Cusco to the Temple of the Moon, it takes approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour
  • If you love mystic activities, you should visit this temple and make a simple offering to the Moon or Pachamama, offer them Coca Leaves, Chicha drinks, Grains, etc. and ask your wishes.
  • You can also have a Picnic at this place, keep in mind you can not turn on fire here(You can not cook your foot here) therefore bring your prepared food. If you don’t like to walk, we recommend you to go on horseback riding around this place.

3. How to get to the Temple of the Moon in Cusco? Where is it?

By Taxi or Public Transportation (Bus):

  • If you are in the city center of Cusco, getting to this place by taxi will take a maximum 15 minutes, pay 15 Soles max. or 5 USD – This is the total price for the ride – one way!
  • If you don´t want to pay for a taxi, take a public bus in front of the Qoricancha temple (in front of Qarmen Hotel) in the historic center of Cusco – The company you must take is called “CRISTO BLANCO“, pay 0.80 cents, some charge 1 Sol, get off at the Qenqo Bus Stop (20 minutes ride), from Qenqo walk to the Temple of the Moon (10 minutes), you will find many people on the route, so don´t worry, you can always ask!
  • On the way back, take your bus at the Qenqo bus stop and get off at Puente Rosario bus stop or any other bus stop close to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

By foot:

If you are in the Historic Center of Cusco, getting to the Temple of the Moon on foot will take you about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Please go to Atoj Saykuchij Street (Don´t get confused) located in the San Blas neighborhood, this street is very steep, as you climb up the mountain, you will come to a paved road from where you will see the statue of the White Christ, then just walk on the paved road to Qenqo (Do not get off the road), from Qenqo walk through the potato fields until you reach the Temple of the Moon.

4. Which are the schedules?

Every day from 6am to 5pm

5. What is the price?

The Temple of the Moon is not part of the “Tourist Ticket” therefore visiting this place is completely Free.

6. Where can I find a Tour Guide Service for this place?

If you want a walking tour to this place, we recommend contacting us!

7. Important recommendations

  • Visit the Temple of the Moon by day time (preferably in the morning), this means that, if you are in Cusco city center, you should leave for the Temple by 1pm the latest!
  • Always wear warm clothes, don’t forget! The weather in Cusco is very changeable!
  • Take some coins, water, caps or hats and a good camera with you!
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