Volunteering in Cusco: Activities and community service for good hearted travelers

Cusco, called the archaeological capital of America, is a place blessed with a great culture and fascinating traditions, full of contrasts between indigenous and colonial styles, a land where the Incas built their great empire and where people lived in harmony with Mother Earth for centuries.

But it is also a department that has many disadvantaged sectors such as, Lares (Province of Calca), Omacha (Province of Paruro), Checca (Province of Canas) and Colquepata (Province of Paucartambo), Ccorca the less attended district and many others that have needs, and require social, voluntary, and solidarity commitment for their development.

We are convinced that Ayni a tradition of reciprocity that we inherit from our Inca ancestors is the best way to improve our lives.

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For all these needs, all nonprofit organizations, foundations and associations require people to collaborate with them to make the organization progress and in turn provide good service to today’s society, to families that are in a situation of financial aid. or emotional Volunteering especially supports those most vulnerable groups that are at risk of social exclusion.

Volunteering in Cusco

Volunteering in Lares, Cusco

The local people of Cusco are very warm, friendly and welcoming, so many travelers are delighted with this hospitality and stay longer than planned by volunteering in different sectors of Cusco.

Volunteering in Cusco will fulfill the double objective, that of helping communities in different aspects, as well as immersing ourselves in their culture.

The community service activities in Cusco are carefully selected to generate an experience and benefit for both the good-hearted volunteer and also for the communities that receive support. The requirements of each vulnerable community are mitigated with different areas and ways of working and helping.

A social work where you will also have the opportunity to meet many foreigners from all over the world.

Volunteer programs in Cusco

Volunteering in the city of Cusco brings you several advantages and seeing how interesting its culture, tradition, custom, and history of the imperial city of Cusco is, so why not volunteer in this beautiful city?

Here are some of the most attractive programs for volunteering:

International Course

It is an international organization of Canadian origin, whose actions focus on reducing poverty and inequality through the effort to train and empower volunteers. Web:

http://www.cusointernational.org. Teléfono: +1 888 434 2876.


Siglas en inglés “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”, sus actividades se enfocan específicamente a realizar voluntariados en granjas o programas rurales de agricultura y ganadería. permite la subscripción anual. En Cusco y sus alrededores disponen habitualmente de una gran cantidad de programas de voluntariado muy interesantes. Pero si lo tuyo no es estar en contacto con la tierra y mancharte las manos, es mejor que optes otra opción.

Exploor Peru Social Project

Its activity focuses on helping to maintain and revive traditions, values ​​and help create their own economic and educational opportunities for each peasant community for current and future generations.


This platform offers a wide range of possibilities especially aimed at volunteering in hotels, tour and adventure companies. It is an excellent opportunity to get free accommodation and to make free of charge the best active tourism tours in Cusco and surroundings.

Volunteering in Perú 

Its objective of this organization is to help in the projects in Cusco by sending volunteers to the different projects which need help. Volunteers offer an invaluable contribution to society as well as bringing the foreigner closer to the local community. Volunteers work in various fields such as childcare, health, construction, etc. Each volunteer chooses which project they want to work on.

Aldea Yanapay

This organization works with a methodology that is based on an education with love, freedom, self-knowledge, awareness, ethics and sustainability with children, adolescents, adults, families, in order to remind the human being, that all medicine, healing, motivation and development are within oneself. At the moment it has two projects: one in the city of Cusco and the other is the community in the Sacred Valley in Lamay, a place that is one hour from the city.

Human Actions

Human Actions is intended to help puppies and other types of pets in a state of abandonment. They try to improve the quality of life of these innocent creatures by keeping them in a warm and safe shelter in the district of Saylla.

The work carried out by this NGO generates awareness and improves the quality of life of the animals it hosts, but also generates a better quality of life and health for the city of Cusco, where there are about 10,000 abandoned domestic animals.

Human Actions gives the possibility to all types of people to volunteer in their shelter, supporting cleaning or interaction with these nice animals.

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