Arequipa has an excellent culinary specialty

Between the coasts of Peru, within a friendly and welcoming crowd; It is the white city of Arequipa, a place where everyone who visits it will be captivated not only by its culture or its people, but also by the incredible culinary cuisine of Arequipa.

Arequipa, white city of Peru for the world

Arequipa is located on the Peruvian coast, and is the second city with the largest population. It is not only known for its beaches that tend to stand out in a surprising way in the reddish sunset; but, ahead of it, are the Arequipa cuisine. It has an excellent culinary specialty, and the greatest diversity of typical dishes compared to other regions of Peru.

During its course the white city had investigations that recorded 194 varieties of typical dishes and 11 drinks. They stand out thanks to the use of products clearly from the area and the Andean preparation recipes, as well as European ones.

Arequipeña gastronomic customs

One of the Customs regarding the gastronomy of the white city, tends to relate to the days of the week, so that the vast majority of restaurants and picanterías usually prepare a dish for each day of the week.

  1. Monday: Chaqué
  2. Tuesday: Chairo
  3. Wednesday: Chochoca
  4. Thursday: Red suck or chuño soup
  5. Friday: Friday suck
  6. Pout or timpusca
  7. Sunday: White broth or marinade Arequipeño

Is your palate demanding? Take care

If you have a demanding palate, then; Arequipa has an excellent culinary specialty with which you will be satisfied. Among their dishes there are soups, sucks based on seafood and various meats.

gastronomia de arequipa

It is a region with an incomparable and unique food, and is distinguished by its high quality, variety of flavors, its incredible preparation, which includes condiments, spicy sauces, a variety of Andean products and of course, its exquisite itching in its dressings.

When you try the Arequipeña food you will feel, the experience, the emotion and of course the taste that your soul will smell, the aromas and flavors of Arequipa’s delights.


gastronomia de arequipa

The Ocopa arequipeña is the most recognized dish of Arequipa, in Peru and abroad. It is prepared based on a huacatay branch, mirasol chili pepper, yellow pepper, peanut, vanilla or bread biscuits, evaporated milk, fresh cheese, garlic and condiments.

It is served with boiled potatoes, a hard boiled egg and an olive.

Stuffed hot pepper

gastronomia de arequipa

Stuffed rocoto is a dish originally from Arequipa and is one of the fundamental foods of Peru. It is about filling the Rocoto with the ingredients: Ground peanuts, beef, eggs, among others.


gastronomia de arequipa

The cauchi is typical of the cuisine of the region. It is almost always accompanied by boiled potatoes, sliced.

Solterito Arequipeño

gastronomia de arequipa

It is a colorful and delicious dish. It is prepared based on beans, choclos, chopped onion, chopped rocoto, fresh cheese, chopped olives, diced tomato, the other ingredients are added and everything is mixed with vinegar, a spoon of chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste. You can accompany a lettuce if you wish.

Shrimp soup

gastronomia de arequipa

It is a Creole soup originally from Arequipa. A very nutritious, powerful, substantial and delicious dish.

It is prepared with river shrimp from the coast of southern Peru, It is served with a rocoto sauce or with pieces of fried bread.

6.- Cuy Chaqtado

It is a traditional dish of southern Peru. It is prepared in the regions of Arequipa, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Cusco and Puno.

gastronomia de arequipa


It is a soup that is prepared in Arequipa, Puno and Cusco. Each region has its own culinary characteristics and some ingredients vary by place.

Adobo Arequipeño

It is usually prepared in a clay pot to feel its powerful flavor, and is served accompanied by sweet potato or potato.

Some data of Arequipeña Gastronomy

  • Many Arequipa dishes were created to satisfy the tastes of Spaniards, merchants, military and priests, in the past times that were established in Arequipa.
  • Peruvian gastronomic diversity has been an engine to boost traditions, customs and ancestral culture towards the remote places around the world.
  • Arequipeña food has an excellent culinary specialty and this is characterized by its itching and having enough dressing.
  • In the Arequipa towns, the ingredients are milled using a batán, which is a flat stone, where they place the ingredients in it and are crushed by another rounded stone. But in most restaurants they use a blender.

Are you planning to visit Arequipa? Take a free tour of its streets and find the best places to enjoy its typical cuisine.